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Bestseller: Freeze-Dried Corn, Naturally Sweet Flavor

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Then you would go on to bite into a snack so addicting that you couldn’t stop eating it. The new all-natural, freeze-dried corn snack’s claim to fame? It tasted so good it was like crack.

Why Is It a Bestseller?

We’re sticking our ears and hoping our eyes spy the unctuous heart of what makes this meaty-sounding popcorn nugget a hit.

Unbeatable Taste

This flavour is somehow captured as part of the freeze-drying process, which is essentially a technique for converting the pressure of water into the pressure of ice (it literally locks water into liquid-but-frozen form). What that means here in practice is that almost all of the corn’s inborn sweetness remains in the freeze-dried corn – more than in any other dried snack I’ve tried. The result is something that is simply good.

Nutritional Benefits

And just because they’re snacks, that doesn’t mean they have to be unhealthy. A 100 g serving of freeze-dried corn retains some 20 per cent of its natural water, plus most of its natural vitamins, minerals and fibre. With only 330 kilojoules of energy, or fewer than 80 calories, it makes for a low-calorie alternative for hangry humans.

Long Shelf Life

Fretful about your kernels’ going bad on you? Freeze-drying extends their shelf life, lengthening your al fresco licks.

How Freeze-Drying Preserves Sweetness

The Science Behind Freeze-Drying

A science lesson: After freezing corn, reduced air pressure around it causes the frozen water to simply pass from solid to gas, which sublimation is the process, keeping the flavour and the vitamins of corn.

Difference from Regular Drying

One feature of freeze-dryers is the absence of intense heat. Because heat is not needed to prompt evaporation, it does not result in the sense of shrinkage and removes fewer flavours, nutrients and colours than typical oven or sun drying. A freeze-dried snack is as fresh as it’s ever going to get.

Perfect Snack Anytime


Flippin’ fantastic, one for you! Whatever you like, one’s here for you. Are you in a hurry? Made to run and grab; they’re light and easy, too.

Versatility in Culinary Uses

While lovely to eat on its own, freeze-dried corn’s primary purpose is to add sweetness to other things: salads and soups especially, but possible to add to desserts. Add it to whatever you’re eating, as texture.

How to Enjoy Your Freeze-Dried Corn Snack

Solo or Mixed

Eat them right out of the bag or, better yet, mix them with other freeze-dried fruits and nuts for a delicious trail mix.

Recipe Ideas

Want to spice up your food? Put a pinch of corn on your avocado toast, or in a smoothie for breakfast on the run!

What Consumers Are Saying

Rave chatter for the new snack is increasingly loud – ‘flavourful taste and crispy snacks, so good and crispy, better than popcorn.


After all, freeze-dried corn is at once something more than a fad: preserving the healthy, natural flavours that the little mountain potatoes are missing, without the gross slickness of the chips, and it’s delicious, it’s healthy, and it’s so versatile! This bestseller is right for you, if you’re looking for a good snack.


Is freeze-dried corn gluten-free?

Yes, freeze-dried corn is naturally gluten-free.

How should I store my freeze-dried corn snack?

Keep it dry and cool, out of direct sunlight at all times.

Can I use freeze-dried corn in cooking?

Absolutely! It can be rehydrated or used directly in various recipes.

Is freeze-dried corn non-GMO?

Most brands offer non-GMO options, but always check the label to be sure.

How does the calorie count of freeze-dried corn compare to fresh corn?

After all, freezer-dried corn is quite a bit more concentrated per gram, on a calorie basis, so it’s actually a slightly better low-calorie snack.

Freeze Dried Corn

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