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Ever heard of freeze drying art? - We did! Our entire team is passionate about freeze drying to the point where that's the only topic they discuss. Over 110 products available at your fingertips, but hey you were probably looking to find out more about the freeze dried apples... We've got you! And... If you're not a fan of Apples, consider checking out our Freeze Dried Bananas! If you ever want to view other freeze dried products, you can go visit our entire shop.

Freeze Dried Apples

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Bone Health + Immune Support

Nutrients in apples, like vitamin C and potassium, along with certain plant compounds, are thought to contribute to bone density and strength. Because of Vitamin C, apples help fight against infection and disease.

Baking? - Absolutely!

If you like apple pies, then you must try to use freeze dried apples in baking it. It intensifies the flavor by about 2x (because of of higher apple concentrate taste), and most important, reduced moisture will never make your pie too soggy ever again!

Anti-Diabetes Effects

Overweight and obese individuals often struggle with insulin resistance; it's when the body's cells don't respond effectively to insulin. Freeze dried apples (and many other fruits, like blueberries) are recommended for weight loss because they're high in fiber (you feel fuller longer), while keeping low calorie intake.

Quality Control for Emergency Storage & Taste

At our company, we've taken a interstellar approach to revolutionize the freeze-dried apple game. We’re on a mission to ensure each batch of our apples achieves a shelf life of over 25 years, making them not just Earth-ready but space-ready too. Think of it as preparing snacks for a Mars colony, where taste and moisture-free quality are paramount.

Before these apples embark on their freeze-drying adventure, they undergo a small but crucial procedure – a slight puncture, akin to pre-flight checks for a spacecraft. It’s a detail that many competitors overlook, resulting in less-than-stellar product quality. Not on our watch, though; we aim for the stars, ensuring every apple is perfect.

In November 2023, our team had an enlightening discussion with Dr. Jingqi Yang from the Crop Food Processing Development Centre. Her advice? Flash freezing the apples before the freeze-drying process. It’s like giving them a quick tour of the cosmos to enhance their quality, ensuring they’re as impressive as a Falcon Heavy launch when they come out of the freeze dryer.

Our rigorous 'Musk Moisture Detector' process means each batch is tested with a commercial-grade moisture meter, guaranteeing only the driest, most voyage-worthy apples proceed to packaging. And for the final frontier, we use oxygen absorbers or nitrogen gas, creating a package that’s not just food-safe but space-safe.

In this cosmic journey of freeze-drying, we’ve learned to treat our oxygen absorbers with the utmost care, ensuring our freeze-dried apples are ready for any mission, whether it’s in a pantry on Earth or a cargo hold bound for Mars.


1. Where to Buy Freeze Dried Apples?

Finding high quality freeze dried apples is easier than you think! At Freeze N Dried, we make over 110 different products and you're right - Apples is one of them. Just visit our online shop here and place your order. We accept all payments types, including Apple Pay and Google Pay and all other cards accepted by Stripe. Before you know it, with just a few clicks, you will have freeze dried apples at your doorstep. Order here.

2. What is Your Processing Time?

Please check Processing Time Updates page HERE, to stay up to date with any updates in having your order ready for shipment. 

3. Where Can I Track My Order?

You can track your order via our order tracking portal. Majority of our shipments get delivered within 3-5 business days, and some may take up to 2 weeks depending where you're located. 

4. What are the Ingredients in Your Freeze Dried Apples?

There is only one (1) ingredient - Apple.

5. Are your Apple Slices Peeled?

Yes, our apples are carefully washed and peeled before the freeze drying process.

6. When I open the bags, how long do apples last?

Apples don't last long after the bag is open, and in fact it's one of the products that absorbs humidity faster than other fruits (but it all depends on average humidity in your city). 
Typically, it can last for 1-2 days after being opened, but often they would get eaten faster than that!