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Freeze Dried Candies 🍬 Freeze Dried Skittles, Peach Rings…

Is Freeze-Dried Candy Truly Good? Let's Dive In!

Use at your own risk. Freeze Dried Candy Addiction is Real!

"What does freeze-dried candy taste like?"

Freeze-dried candy is like candy turned into a flavor ninja. They zap out all the water, and voila! The sugar and flavor huddle up and go, 'Let's party hard!' Then, BOOM! Your taste buds get hit with this mega-sweet flavor explosion. It's like a wild sugar rave in your mouth! And here's the kicker - you can sprinkle these sweet gems on things like ice cream and yogurt, and suddenly, your dessert is doing a happy dance. So, freeze-dried candy is basically the secret sauce for dessert awesomeness. 🍬💥🕺

The Pleasant Taste & Its Varieties

Candy that has been freeze-dried goes through a transformation that gives it a distinctive and strong taste character. Depending on the candy, the flavor may vary, but it always has a richer and sweeter flavor than the original. While changing the texture of the candy, the freezing process concentrates sweetness.

Sugar Rush Sensation

The potential of freeze-drying candy to enhance taste is one of its significant advantages. It may be fairly strong because to the greater sugar content, which results in a pleasurable sensory experience. For instance, freeze-dried Skittles become bigger, crunchier, and sweeter than their chewy, little cousins.

Creative Ways to Enjoy FD Candy - Nutritious Perspectives

The freeze-drying procedure may cause a minor loss of nutrients, but since it is moisture-free, it maintains nutritional efficiency and permits a larger concentration of minerals and vitamins. Candy that has been freeze-dried often has more calories than its traditional equivalents, making it an ideal pre-workout or physical activity snack.

Candy Reviews

Jessica R.
Vancouver, BC
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I have no words but INCREDIBLE. I have ordered online from theses guys 7 times so far (obviously it’s good because I keep going back!). The freeze dried candy is so tasty and fun! My daughter loves checking to see what new products they have.
Vanessa B.
Los Angeles, CA
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Their online ordering experience is quick and painless and their products are awesome. I always appreciate how quickly they fill orders. Their customer service is great - when I placed two orders close together, they were able to ship them together and refund my shipping for the second order. I didn’t even ask for this, they just did it. Looking forward to ordering more!
Kristin F.
Winnipeg, MB
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Absolutely delicious! Love the freeze dried options! I ordered one of the bundles for my husband’s birthday and was so impressed! It was a joy to see him open them and see his surprise.

What are the Benefits?

Preserves Original Flavor

Have you ever considered how to preserve the allure of your favorite candy? The hidden hero of candy preservation is none other ours! Your taste receptors are transported back in time, allowing you to fully appreciate the original candy flavor.

No Preservatives Needed

Imagine this: Because fd sweets are so resistant to bacteria, they do not require any preservatives to act as bouncers. By eliminating bacteria through the freeze-drying process, your candy is safe and secure without the need for chemical security.


In the world of sweets, fd candies are more than just candies; they're a magic trick. They demonstrate how sweet invention can be, much like sweets. Who knew confectionery had new tricks in its sleeve?

Unique Texture

This candy has a unique dance to it when it comes to texture. It's not your typical chewy candy; it has a pleasant crunch that will tango on your taste receptors. Candy that dares to be unique is what it is.

Long Shelf Life

You are aware of how Grandma stores those vintage jam jars in the pantry? The modern equivalent - our candy, which lasts even longer. They may be stored safely and remain snack-ready for over 25 years. Each package comes in a resealable bag so you do not need to eat all of your freeze dried foods at once!


The healthier cousin of candy is from us, Freeze N Dried. They lost their water content and became lighter than standard sugar bombs. Ideal for sugar lovers on the go – confectionery that won't physically weigh you down!

Unique Candy Experience

These sweets are your golden ticket to Candyland if you're a candy enthusiast seeking for something fresh. Your taste receptors are like a roulette wheel, and you never know what wonderful surprises might be in store.

Perfect for Gifting

Freeze-dried candies are the equivalent of showing up to a party with a unicorn when it comes to presents. They're distinctive, fashionable, and will make you the gift-giving king or queen.

Kid-Tested, Teen-Approved Fun

Kids and teens, enjoy! These popular freeze dried treats are here to make snack time the coolest part of your day. With their out-of-this-world texture and flavor, snack time becomes a sweet adventure.

Why Choose Freeze N Dried for Freeze Dried Fruits?

Freeze N Dried is a brand born in 2022, committed to bringing special freeze dried treats to your home. They are 100% Canadian owned & operated, and emphasize on sustainability and quality control. Their journey began with a goal to reduce food waste, from the farm to your home. They strive to keep their carbon emission low and compensate what they can't eliminate, providing their customers with a guilt-free indulgence.

Quality control is at the heart of Freeze N Dried's operations. Their dedicated customer experience specialists ensure that your experience doesn't end when the product ships but continues whenever you need it. This commitment to quality and customer service is reflected in the glowing reviews from their customers, praising everything from their freeze dried skittles to the range of choices available.

Freeze dried candies are a unique treat that will keep you coming back for more, thanks to their distinct texture and intense flavor. The options are aplenty, from freeze dried Airheads, Apple Rings, Blue Raspberry Rings, to Caramel M&M’s® and even freeze dried Cheesecake. These treats are not only delicious but they also bring a novel experience to the table.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Freeze Dried Candies?

It's a type of treat where the moisture is removed from the candy using a process called freeze-drying or lyophilization. This involves freezing the candy and then reducing the surrounding pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate. This process results in a light, crunchy texture.

Are fd candies healthy?

Freeze-dried candies, like all candies, should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. The freeze-drying process maintains the nutritional value of the original ingredient, but the overall healthiness will depend on that original ingredient. Freeze-dried candy is better for teeth, especially for those with dental work. It doesn’t get stuck in teeth like regular candy, making it a safer choice for those with spacers, fillings, dentures, and braces

Can I use freeze-dried candies in recipes?

Absolutely! They can be used in a variety of recipes. They can add a fun crunch to desserts, like Freeze Dried Skittles in Ice Cream.

What is the shelf life of these treats?

Freeze-dried candy can last over 25 years if stored correctly, making it a long-term investment, especially with rising food prices.