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Freeze Dried Fruits for Granola

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You know that gratifying crunch you get when you dig your spoon into a bowl of granola and hit a little dried fruit piece? Those are more likely than not pieces of freeze dried fruit, the newest food ingredient to dominate breakfast and snack foods. What is the story behind freeze dried fruit?

What is Freeze Drying?

Process Overview

If you could lock time-travelling fruit at its peak perfect moment – before it could rot? Hello freeze drying. The protocol involves putting frozen fruit into a vacuum, then letting its ice vapourise and leave the fruit behind, now in the form of delicious, brittle petals that retain most of the fruit's nutritional content.

Benefits of Freeze Drying

While drying food — such as wine grapes into raisins — removes water, turning the fruit black, the frangipani pink, the nutritional content the colour of a murky, brown mush, the freeze-drying process leaves everything — except the water content — in place. The shape. The colour. All taste and nutrition. And what most folks who soak a raisin know but don't like to admit: once the water is gone, the fruit lasts for all eternity. Case closed. Answer to every prepper who dreams of dying in the desert.

Why Freeze Dried Fruits?

Nutritional Value Retention

The big advantage of freeze drying: almost 100 per cent of the nutrients are still there. So that solitary slice of freeze dried mango could still be rich in vitamin A.

Longer Shelf Life

Toss the citrus? NO WAY!vegetables? That cannot be!We've all tossed a piece of fruit and a vegetable before because it went bad. The feeding time for freeze dried food can be delayed and it lasts up to 5 years when stored properly, so no more food wasted and always fresh fruit on your hand!

Popular Fruits for Freeze Drying

Berries: Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries

Have you ever tried the freeze dried berries in your granola? When you bite in, they'll explode with flavour in your mouth. You will taste that tangy sweetness with every bite.

Tropical Flavors: Mango, Pineapple

Fruitier, more tropical connotations come from mango and pineapple, with their full complement of sweet and sour zing.

Classic Choices: Apples, Bananas

When the snacks come back, they'll be salty bedfellows, crisp new lovers with a savoury shout-out to an old taste that everyone already knows and loves.

Making Granola with Freeze Dried Fruits

Steps in Preparing

Granola is dead easy. Rolled oats, chopped nuts, sweetener, dried fruit: voila! Toss in toasted, dried stuff, then bake. Cool, scoop, zip in zip-top: a healthy nosh.

Flavor Combinations

Switch them up: strawberries with almonds; mango with macadamia. The combinations are endlessly delish.

Benefits of Adding Freeze Dried Fruits to Granola

Boost of Antioxidants and Vitamins

Aside from the snap, you're eating vitamins and antioxidants with every crunch – and taste and health are a formidable pair.

Taste Enhancement

Flavour intensity in freeze dried fruits may also enhance your granola in general.

Texture Variance

That mix of chewy oats, toasty nuts and crisp fruits could yield a different bite with every dip of the spoon.

Buying Guide: What to Look For

Quality Indicators

Ensure the fruits are vibrant, without added sugars or preservatives.

Price vs. Value

Freeze dried fruits are typically rather pricey, but tend to be well worth it in terms of their longevity (and nutrition).


And what is it about freeze dried fruit that makes granola taste – and feel – so spectacular? And just when you thought it couldn't get any better: those few wee raisins, banana bits and blueberry chunks add some real nutrition to your granola. Berries? Tropical? Classic? There really is a fruit li'l somethin' to add berries to your granola life.


Can I freeze dry fruits at home?

There is a home freeze-dryer available on the market for homeowners, but it's a far more elaborate and much costlier alternative to drying.

Do freeze dried fruits contain added sugars?

Well-made freeze-dried fruits don't have sugar added, but always check the label anyway.

How should I store my freeze dried fruits?

Store them in a cool, dry place, preferably in an airtight container.

Are there any fruits that can't be freeze dried?

You can freeze-dry any fruit you like, except for ones that are filled with water of course, so you wouldn't exactly get a fuzzy watermelon back.

Can I use freeze dried fruits in recipes other than granola?

Absolutely! They're versatile and can be added to smoothies, desserts, or eaten as is.

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