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Freeze Dried Fruits in Baby Food

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The New Age of Baby Food

How many of us have not asked if teaching our 9-month-old a new word – and watching her pucker and scrunge at the result – actually defines what it means to be happy? Yet suppose that she knows that this creamy yoghurt whose swirls of fruit add great texture, not to mention taste, actually packs a full day's worth of vitamins, thanks to tiny bits of freeze-dried fruit laced throughout baby food.

Benefits of Freeze Drying for Babies

The process – known variously as lyophilisation, cryodesic freezing or by the trademarked Plenty label – is hardly fad-like: its benefits for baby food are well established.

Over 97% of Nutritional Value Remained!

You think of nutritious feed for babies when you think of baby food, right? Well, it's guaranteed with freeze-dried food. Most of a freeze-dried food's vitamins and minerals remain intact as in its original wet state. One gets the nutrition of fresh fruit without the palava.

Longer Shelf Life

Still, among the other pieces of sleight-of-hand legerdemain that is freeze drying – ever after that vitamin loss, and the reduced flavours? As anyone who's ever tried it knows – shelf life. Lots of it: months, sometimes years. Absolutely no preservative, which is why freeze-dried fruit could stay ‘fresh' this long. Thoughtful, as always, of high speed today's hectic parent.

Convenience and Portability

Gotta hike? Make a beach run? Don't sweat it – pop some drying fruit in your pack. Light as a feather. Pristine. Reconstituted.

Why Choose Freeze Dried Fruits for Baby Food?

Natural Tastes

What makes this vibrant orangy fudge so special: it is freeze dried at peak of ripeness, a fruit at its best, this means that it is full of the sweetest flavour that is ever in a fruit and because of the drying process no sugars or flavours need to be added. This is fruit.

Safe for Babies

The benefit of most freeze dried fruit is that it doesn’t hold preservatives and chemicals. Less to worry about as a parent!

Diverse Flavors

Frozen fruit that is either tart (strawberries) or sweet (mangoes) from around the world could be next.

How Freeze Drying Works

Ever wondered what makes freeze dried fruits different from the traditionally dried ones?

The Process

There's an ice immersion first, then a vacuum where ice is drawn from the fruit bypassing the water altogether.

Differences from Traditional Drying

Whereas traditional methods leave you with about 90 per cent of the water, freeze-drying removes about 99 per cent. Not only does this allow many products to retain their texture – it helps with their nutritional value too.

Making Freeze Dried Fruit Baby Food at Home

Making baby food at home is easier than you might think!

Selecting Fruits

Or choose something in season, such as ripe fresh fruit. Wash and slice up (if you've got the time), keeping the skin on if you can.

The Freeze Drying Process

Although a home model is a little more complicated to make, perhaps requiring a household vacuum (you will need to do some research when it comes to the metal filter), inexpensive freeze-drying machines are here, and they are a breeze to use, following the manufacturer's simple indicator protocol.

Serving Suggestions

Grind to a powder, which can be added to a baby's water or milk, or rehydrate in a little water for older babies.

Freeze Drying is not an Easy Process! - Consider just Purchasing Food!

A mother's language: as a mother, I only want to feed my tiny baby with the most nutritious, most natural, best food. Freeze dried fruits is no doubt the best. And besides they are convenient, like very convenient save you so much time (yes, when you have a baby every minute counts!)

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