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The New Age of Baby Food

How many of us haven’t wondered if introducing a new flavour to our 9-month-old only to watch her scrunch up her face really captures the meaning of joy? But what if your baby understands that this yoghurt with fruit swirled in it is not just yummy? It, in fact, contains a number of essential nutrients, all thanks to freeze-dried fruits in baby food.

Benefits of Freeze Drying for Babies

Freeze-drying, such as that employed by Plenity food, goes under several names including lyophilisation, but it’s far from faddish. That’s because its advantages for baby food are well-established.

Over 97% of Nutritional Value Remained!

Think of baby food and you think of good nutrition, right? Well, freeze-drying guarantees it. Unlike traditional dehydration, freeze drying retains most of the vitamins and minerals of the foods being dried. It’s a good as fresh fruit without the palava.

Longer Shelf Life

Yet one of the sleight-of-hand magic tricks that is freeze drying, after the vitamin loss and reduced flavours? Shelf life, plenty of it: months, in certain cases, years! No preservatives whatsoever, that’s how long freeze-dried fruits like these remain ‘fresh’. Considerate, as always, of today’s on-the-run parents.

Convenience and Portability

Need to go for a hike? Head to the beach? Never fear – just pop some feeze-dry fruit in your pack. Light, clean, and rehydratable.

Why Choose Freeze Dried Fruits for Baby Food?

Natural Tastes

What’s so special about this vibrant orangy goodness: it is freeze dried at its peak of ripeness and, therefore, captures the fruit in its best taste. It has the most natural sweetness that needs no added sugars or flavours. Simply fruit.

Safe for Babies

Most forms of freeze dried fruits do not contain preservatives and chemicals. That is one less thing to worry about as a parent!

Diverse Flavors

From tart strawberries to sweet mangoes, the world of freeze dried fruit will open up to your baby.

How Freeze Drying Works

Ever wondered what makes freeze dried fruits different from the traditionally dried ones?

The Process

It starts with an immersion in ice, then a vacuum to extract ice directly from the fruit, bypassing the liquid stage.

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Differences from Traditional Drying

While conventional methods leave you with about 90 per cent of the water, freeze-drying removes about 99 per cent. This not only helps to preserve texture — but nutrition too.

Making Freeze Dried Fruit Baby Food at Home

Making baby food at home is easier than you might think!

Selecting Fruits

Opt instead for ripe fresh fruit. Wash and peel (if you have the time) and cut into chunks.

The Freeze Drying Process

While making your own freeze dryer at home will take some specialized equipment, inexpensive freeze dryers are now available and simple to use, just following the manufacturer’s protocol.

Serving Suggestions

Crush into a powder for adding to a baby’s water or milk, or simply rehydrate in a little water for older babies.

Freeze Drying is not an Easy Process! - Consider just Purchasing Food!

Finding the best for your little one is a mother’s instinct! Freeze dried fruits are not only the most nutritious, it is the most convenient when you have a baby (saves so much time!!).

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