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We’ve sold to over 24,000 satisfied customers, and you could be next! No one can do freeze dried mangoes better than us, but we don’t just say it, we deliver on the promises.

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All of our products are shipped the same day as order is placed, unless the products needs to be made on demand. Keep an eye on processing times before you place the order, but regardless you shall receive your order shortly.

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Freeze dried mango sometimes might be a tricky product to come across, but with our team full of experts we indeed crafted a product that is just WOW and you can try it for yourself because we made it affordable to public! With over 100 products, 4.8 Trustpilot rating, we continue deliver only the best to our customer and we look forward in helping you out as well. P.S. if you don't like fresh mangoes, you must try them freeze dried (it's completely different product). If you ever want to view other freeze dried products, you can go visit our entire shop.

Freeze Dried Mango

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Mental Health

Life gives you different obstacles that you go through and sometimes might give you a bit of stress, and maintaining proper brain function + improving mood is important. Freeze dried mangoes contain over 97% of their original nutrients, and also they contain vitamin B6 which directly impacts mood and mental health.

Are Mangoes Good for your Eyes?

Indeed it is true and not only for eyes, it can certainly help maintain good vision and prevent age-related macular degenartion, which leads to the primary point - cancer prevention (because of compounds like quercetin and mangiferin).

Anti-Diabetes Effects

Overweight and obese individuals often struggle with insulin resistance; it's when the body's cells don't respond effectively to insulin. Freeze dried mangoes are recommended for weight loss because they're high in fiber (you feel fuller longer), while keeping low calorie intake + its fiber helps regulate blood sugar levels (suitable for people with diabetes).

Quality Control for Emergency Storage & Taste

Our ambition is to elevate the shelf life of these mangoes beyond 25 years, ensuring they are primed for Earth and beyond. Picture these mangoes as the quintessential snack for extraterrestrial explorations, where pristine taste and moisture retention are essential.

Before embarking on their freeze-drying journey, each mango undergoes a precise and vital process—a gentle puncture, similar to the meticulous checks Apple products undergo before release. This attention to detail distinguishes our product in the marketplace and reflects our commitment to quality.

In November 2023, our engagement with Dr. Jingqi Yang from the Crop Food Processing Development Centre shed new light on our process. She recommended flash freezing the mangoes before freeze-drying, akin to the rapid innovation cycles at Apple, enhancing their quality and ensuring they are as remarkable as the latest iPhone when they emerge from the freeze-dryer.

Our rigorous 'Cook Quality Assurance' method involves testing each batch with a high-grade moisture meter, confirming that only the driest, most journey-ready mangoes make it to packaging. In the final stages, we employ oxygen absorbers or nitrogen gas to seal the deal, creating packaging that’s not only safe for consumption but also equipped for the rigors of space travel.

In our quest to perfect freeze-drying, we've learned the importance of meticulous care in every step, ensuring our freeze-dried mangoes are ready for any adventure, be it on Earth or in the vastness of space.


1. Where to Buy Freeze Dried Mangoes?

Mangos that are high quality can be hard to find, and the freeze dried ones are probably even harder, but we have good news! - We carry them and would be happy to fulfill your order. We accept all payments types, including Apple Pay and Google Pay and all other cards accepted by Stripe. Just with a few clicks, you will have freeze dried mangoes at your doorstep. Order here.

2. What is Your Processing Time?

Please check Processing Time Updates page HERE, to stay up to date with any updates in having your order ready for shipment. 

3. Where Can I Track My Order?

You can track your order via our order tracking portal HERE. Majority of our shipments get delivered within 3-5 business days, and some may take up to 2 weeks depending where you're located. 

4. What are the Ingredients in Your Freeze Dried Mangoes?

There is only 1 ingredient - Mango.