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Boosting Immunity

Sweet pepper gets the antioxidant vitamins – carotenoids and vitamin C – to those cells faster and in greater amounts, better lubricating, more healthfully excluding, and more effectively supporting the bugassed operations of the biopsychosocial acroyogis. Sweet pepper, too, delivers protective minerals essential to an effective immune function on a day-to-day basis: selenium, copper, zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, and potassium.

Increasing Hemoglobin

Iron, found in sweet peppers can be used to make the blood protein haemoglobin.The function of haemoglobin is to transports the oxygen around the human's body.Increasing the oxygen transportation can be done by strengthening the blood circulation,and that could be done by eating sweet peppers to raise the iron level.

Brain Health Support

Antioxidants in sweet peppers work to reduce the type of cell damage associated with overall brain health, and eating antioxidant-rich foods like sweet peppers helps reduce stress to brain cells so that they function better. These are such easy plate changes, too – one thoughtful change at a time that can help support your brain health for the future.

Difference Between Fresh, Dehydrated, and Freeze-Dried Sweet Pepper

Fresh Sweet Peppers:

Moisture: 90 per cent of a sweet pepper’s weight is water, which makes the pepper juicy and lively.

Texture: The skin is thick, and though the flesh is more tender than like a sweet bell pepper, the chile structure can be tough, and therefore enjoyable.

Shelf Life: Fresh sweet peppers are perishable and should be used within one week to maintain freshness and nutrient quality.

Cooking: Sweet peppers are highly versatile. You can grill, sauté, roast or eat them raw – cold or at room temperature – in salads or dips. Cooking sweet peppers by various methods helps to preserve the nutrients and to bring out their flavours and textures.

Dehydrated Sweet Peppers:

• Moisture: Decreased water activity – It is during the dehydration process of sweet pepper that the bulk of its moisture is removed, with the resulting product containing around 5-10 per cent water.

• Texture: Dried sweet peppers take on a more leathery, chewy texture than their fresh counterparts, with more concentrated flavour.

• Shelf life: Dehydrated sweet peppers will keep there, in the package, for many, many months or even years if you have a cool and dry storage place.

• Cooking: Dried – which can be rehydrated (a soak in water or broth makes them pliable) – and then added to soups, stews, sauces and casseroles.

Freeze-Dried Sweet Peppers:

• Moisture: Approximately 2-5%.

• Texture: Freeze-dried sweet peppers have a very light, dry and crunchy-crispy texture. When rehydrated, they possess a light crunchy texture similar to that of fresh peppers.

• Shelf life: Because they are so low in water, they store for years if well sealed.

• Cooking: Freeze-dried sweet peppers can be snacked on as-is, sprinkled on dishes to give some crunch without rehydrating the peppers, and can be rehydrated and used in any recipe where diced bell peppers would work, such as in a salad, omelette or pasta dish.

Quality Control for Emergency Storage & Taste

We complete quality control on every order, and because most orders are for stockpiling and emergency preparedness, the pepper crystals need to last for more than 25 years in a sealed can without losing aroma and flavour or getting mushy. We’re all about attention to detail. In fact, we supply a lot of stockpiling emergencypreparednessbunker peppers and fulfill custom orders too.

Prior to the peppers being put into a freeze dryer, it's important to puncture them slightly; this is a small detail that many competitors ignore and end up with a product waste (and some of them even try to sell it to you).

In November of 2023, we were also guided to consult Jingqi Yang, PHD , Food Scientist from Crop Food Processing Development Centre of Alberta Agriculture and Irrigation Government of Alberta. Dr Yang suggests to flash-freeze the product before freeze-drying, so as to obtain better quality of the final product. This amounts to more than 1500 hours studying the specific dynamics in food chain.

It makes sure that each batch of freeze-dried peppers passes a test by using commercial grade moisture meter. Gathering your final product in a package also means thinking about oxygen absorbers or nitrogen. Oxygen absorbers must be stored carefully if you don’t want a load of mold and food.


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You can track your order via our order tracking portal HERE. Majority of our shipments get delivered within 3-5 business days, and some may take up to 2 weeks depending where you're located. 

4. What are the Ingredients in Your Freeze Dried Sweet Peppers?

There is only 1 ingredient - sweet peppers.

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