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Freeze-Dried Veggies: Healthy Snacking Explained

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Between hectic, time-starved days, grabbing whatever is easiest within reach or pitched as a ‘grab-and-go’ meal, it goes both ways – one healthy moment, the next no so much. A solution to all this, and something that allows you to have healthful snacks on the go, is freeze-dried vegetables.

The Rise of Health Snacking

Ever notice that hundreds of merchants now sell not just healthy snacks, but an entire aisle of healthy snacks? Keto cookies? Vegan bars? Those snacks evolve. And a germ of a seed in that flowerbed of commerce has got to be freeze-dried veg. Why?

What Exactly is Freeze Drying?

Wonder whatever can be coming out of the bag? This is it for you my friend …The supermarket is happy to welcome you to the wonder of freeze-drying.

The Science Behind Freeze Drying

Just so: chilled to below zero, down to minus 40 Celsius then vacuum-packed – poof! – moisture evaporates, gone! Hello – I am freeze-dried! Easy breezy process: vegetables are freeze-dried so that, when the atmospheric pressure is reduced, wet food stays crispy.

Differences between Dehydrating and Freeze Drying

While both approaches drive off the water content of the veggies, dehydrating our precious vegetables by the heat method potentially degrades the quality of the vitamins and minerals found in the produce. Things get better when freeze-drying our magnum opus veggies and flowable foods preserves more of the nutrients, leaving you with a healthier snack. Just as VHS players can project a movie over the laser disc player, the better option is to play out a movie on Blu-ray disc, of the same content that you have in the VHS player.

Why Freeze-Dried Veggies?

If you're wondering why you should choose freeze-dried veggies over chips, let's dig deeper.

Nutritional Value Retention

But just by way of a reminder: remember that bit with the science in the beginning? Because no thermal energy is added to the food, nutrients can be preserved at up to 97 per cent of their original volume – compared with only 25-40 per cent for their dehydrated cousins. This means nearly the same in nutrients from the freeze-dried veggie as you’d get from fresh!

Long Shelf Life

Have you ever purchased produce that became mouldy before you had a chance to eat it? Frozen vegetables are just a step away from being edible, but their ‘flash-frozen’ nature is an empty promise – months, or years away. That’s a snack for later.

Convenient Snacking

Hiking? At your desk? In a park? No mess, no big deal.

How to Choose the Best Freeze-Dried Snacks

Like any snack, not all freeze-dried veggies are made equal.

Reading the Ingredients List

Go for one where there are no added sugars and preservatives. The ingredients list is best if it just shows the vegetable name!

Understanding Product Labels

Organic. Non-GMO. Sound familiar? If not – and you might not have – then you ought to become familiar: you might be eating them.

Incorporating Freeze-Dried Veggies into Your Diet

The beauty of these veggies? Versatility.

On-the-Go Snacking Ideas

You are on your way. Three veggie items make an extraordinary meal.

Creative Recipe Additions

Shower them on your soups or salads or even pizzas: toppings for practically anything.

The Future of Healthy Snacking: Is Freeze Drying the Answer?

And last but certainly not least: with their ease of use, shelf stability, and preservation of nutrients, they may be the solution to the snack food revolution. Whether a food fad or not, like all things, you hack the hype to make it work for you. 18/10/2016 23:02:24 PM

At the end of the day, you are getting a far better snack than freeze-dried veggies: one that is tastier, just as easily accessed and just as instantly satisfying as fast food. The next time you have the temptation of just grabbing a snack for a satisfying burst of taste and crunch, do yourself a favour and reach for a bag of your favourite dried vegetables of the Mediterranean!


Are freeze-dried veggies as nutritious as fresh ones?

Freeze dried contains pretty much everything the freshest veggies do, and if freeze dried is all you can get, it’s still better. But as a snack, the freeze dried can replace things like potato chips.

Can I rehydrate freeze-dried vegetables?

Well, you can! By adding water you get them closer to their original state.

Do freeze-dried veggies contain preservatives?

Quality products shouldn’t. Always check the ingredient list.

Are they good for kids?

Absolutely! They are a crunchy, fun, and nutritious snack option for kids.

Where can I buy freeze-dried vegetable snacks?

Most health food stores, supermarkets, and online platforms stock them.

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