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With our busy, rushed lives, we eat what’s easiest to reach or grab as we go. Sometimes it’s a healthy option and sometimes it’s not. What if I told you that you could find the product that allows you to have healthful and delicious snacks combined with convenience. That’s right: freeze-dried vegetables!

The Rise of Health Snacking

Have you noticed how shops now have an entire aisle dedicated to ‘healthy snacks’? Keto cookies? Vegan bars? There’s some serious snack evolution going on. And in this crowded market, the next big thing to watch is surely freeze-dried veg. Why?

What Exactly is Freeze Drying?

Ever wondered what goo coming out of the bag? This is for you. Your are more that welcome to the magic of freeze drying.

The Science Behind Freeze Drying

Like this: you are chilled at sub-zero temperatures, then you are vacuum-packed and the moisture evaporates, gone! Hi, I am freeze-dried! The process here is simple. Vegetables are freeze-dried by reducing atmospheric pressure to remove the water in moisturised foods and keep them crispy.

Differences between Dehydrating and Freeze Drying

Although each method removes the water content from the veggies, dehydrating them by means of heat can affect the fresh produce, causing the nutrients to lose their quality. However, freeze-drying our wonderful veggies and flowable food retains more of the nutrients, therefore, leaving you with a healthier snack, just as an old VHS tape can play a movie, however playing that movie on a Blu-ray disc of the same content, is the obvious better choice.

Why Freeze-Dried Veggies?

If you're wondering why you should choose freeze-dried veggies over chips, let's dig deeper.

Nutritional Value Retention

A reminder: recall the science part above? Because no thermal energy is introduced to the food, freeze-dried veggies preserve up to 97 per cent of their nutrients – that’s much higher than their dehydrated relatives. So you’re getting almost the same nutrients out of freeze-dried veggies as you’d get from fresh veggies!

Long Shelf Life

Have you ever bought vegetables that went bad before you could eat them? Frozen veggies seem like they are ready to eat until months later – or even years. Now that’s a waiting snack.

Convenient Snacking

Hiking? At your desk? In a park? No mess, no big deal.

How to Choose the Best Freeze-Dried Snacks

Like any snack, not all freeze-dried veggies are made equal.

Reading the Ingredients List

Always choose one with no added sugars or preservatives. The ingredient list ideally would just contain the vegetable name!

Understanding Product Labels

‘Organic’. ‘Non-GMO’. Ever heard of these things? If not, you should learn: you might be putting them in your mouth.

Incorporating Freeze-Dried Veggies into Your Diet

The beauty of these veggies? Versatility.

On-the-Go Snacking Ideas

Take a pouch, and you’re ready to go. Combine three veggie items for a magnificent flavour.

Creative Recipe Additions

Sprinkle them on your soups, salads or even on your pizzas: a crunchy top to any of your favourite foods.

The Future of Healthy Snacking: Is Freeze Drying the Answer?

Along with ease of use, long shelf life and high nutrient retention, they might be the answer to a snack food revolution. Just like any food craze, however, it’s up to you to hack the hype and find what works best for you. 10/18/2016 11:02:24 PM

Ultimately, freeze-dried vegetables provide you with a superior snack: one that is tasty, healthy, and just as readily available as fast food. Next time you feel the need to indulge in a snack, reach for a bag of your favourite dried veggies to fulfil your craving!


Are freeze-dried veggies as nutritious as fresh ones?

  • While freeze dried has most of the nutrients, fresh veggies are the best. But as far as a snack, freeze dried veggies are better than most.

Can I rehydrate freeze-dried vegetables?

  • Well, you can! By adding water you get them closer to their original state.

Do freeze-dried veggies contain preservatives?

  • Quality products shouldn’t. Always check the ingredient list.

Are they good for kids?

  • Absolutely! They are a crunchy, fun, and nutritious snack option for kids.

Where can I buy freeze-dried vegetable snacks?

  • Most health food stores, supermarkets, and online platforms stock them.

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