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Gifts that you can consume is a trend growing in our health-conscious world. So how do you make a perfect gift, unique enough and with solid health benefits at the same time? I suggest, buying freeze-dried fruits and candies. And let me assure you, when you eat them, they are sweet, nice and good for you. In this article, I will introduce you to my favorite freeze-dried snack - freeze-dried coconut. How is it made?

The Intriguing Appeal of Freeze-Dried Coconut

Recently, the Freeze Dried Coconut was introduced as a superior snack to ordinary dried coconut. The primary reason is because it maintains the natural taste of fresh coconut, in addition to being extremely nutritious. However, the paradoxical texture of Freeze Dried Coconut is what makes it a favorite of both kids and adults. How can this be? Let’s take a step-by-step look at the process of how this strange new treat is made.

Selecting the Finest Coconuts

Starting with the selection of high quality coconut, the freeze dried coconut undergoes a rigorous selection process to ensure you only receive the freshest possible coconuts, full of flavour.

Shredding and Preparing the Coconut

Once those coconuts are sourced, shredding them into little, bite-size pieces becomes an important next step. This helps every bite of freeze-dried coconut maintain the same texture and flavour.


After it has been shredded, coconut is frozen within minutes after being sliced. Freezing is one of the most important steps of freeze-drying. By freezing the coconut while it’s still fresh, most of its natural aroma and nutrients are kept in check.


And then, ta-da, the magic of the freeze-dryer. The coconut, still frozen solid, is put into a vacuum chamber, which also has a field of rising heat, gently raising the chamber temperature. This causes any ice in the shreds of coconut to turn directly into water vapour as it sublimes, which leaves behind something cold, light as a feather, and as crunchy as granola: freeze-dried coconut.


Then these little coconuts are packaged to remain in their fresh, crispy form. Because of the freeze-drying process, no preservatives are required.

The DIY Experience

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For any intrepid DIYer hoping to try freeze-dried coconut at home, here’s a stripped-down version of the process.

Step 1: Get Fresh Coconuts

First, get some fresh coconuts from your local market or grocery store. Pick coconuts that feel heavy and don’t have any cracks.

Step 2: Extract the Coconut Meat

Open up your coconuts and scoop out the meat. You can either shred it with a coconut grater, or use a sharp knife for fine, even shreds.

Step 3: Freeze

Spread your coconut shreds out on a baking sheet and pop them into the freezer. Freeze them for several hours (or overnight, depending on your schedule) until hard as rocks.

Step 4: Freeze-Dry

Once you freeze them, transfer the coconut shreds to a freeze-drying machine or a dehydrator. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for freeze-drying coconut at home. This might take quite a while, anywhere from a few hours to more than a full day.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now the coconut is freeze-dried, and ready to be devoured as a delicious crunchy healthy snack. You can eat it as it is, mix it with yoghurt, season it on your salads, or garnish your desserts.

Make or Buy? - Freeze Dried Shop

producers of freeze-dried coconut offer an utterly unique, healthy snack food that retains the taste of fresh succulents encased in a crispy treat. If you happen to know where you can find it, you can buy it. If you have the drive, you can make your own. Either way, nothing compares to freeze-dried coconut. The best of both worlds realized in a jar.


What benefits of freeze dried coconut does it have?

  • Freeze dried coconut is a nutritious snack. It maintains all the healthy nutrients such as vitamins and minerals that are in the fresh one, unlike candies and fried potato crisps which strip the food off its benefits. Energy wise, it is a food that can sustain one through freezing temperatures. It will keep you healthy, boost your energy reservoir, and add to your total nutrients.

Would you be able to do this at home, without specialist equipment?

  • You could use a dehydrator at home to run the coconut through a home freeze-dryer but going down to the same moisture content and hardness as the equipment used in the industry would be a different story.

How long does homemade coconut that is freeze-dried last?

  • Coconut that has been dried at home will generally last for a few months when you keep it in a sealed container in a cool, dry place, regardless of it losing crunch and flavour.

Does freeze-dried coconut work in recipes?

  • Yes! Home cooks and bakers swear by this stuff for adding a crunchy coconut punch to recipes. Use it in your granola, your smoothie bowls, your muffins and brownies, your yogurt parfait… the impact is always pleasing.

Q: Is freeze-dried coconut vegan and gluten-free?

  • A: Yes, freeze-dried coconut is typically vegan and gluten-free, making it a great snack choice for those with a wide variety of dietary restrictions.

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