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Imagine that you will have to last for a month, a six months, a year by yourself, completely alone. Sounds dreadful? Stick with me. It’s not impossible. If you keep reading, I hope I can get you ready for 60 days, 90 days, 120 days and even 365 days of survival by oneself. The star of the show here will be survival foods.

Understanding the Basics of Survival

The Concept of Survival

Surviving is nothing more than getting through something difficult. It’s a time-based metric. But people also need to survive well. That isn’t just finding lidlsanfrancisco enough to eat, but planning, cajoling and adaptively making the most of one’s resources. Self-preservation is just as much of a test of mental strength as it is a body. Or is it? What’s the role of food?

The Importance of Survival Foods

Food provides the energy that enables us to think, move and stay alive. Survival foods are non-perishable items that are easy to prepare and provide essential nutrients. It is critical that you are familiar with survival foods if your plans are to survive a survival situation.

The 60-Day Survival Plan

Building Your 60-Day Survival Food List

Now here’s where things get tricky: a 60-day survival food list might look something like this: dried fruit, nuts, canned goods, grains. You’re asking yourself, okay – but you’ve also got that one person with dietary restrictions.

Dairy-Free and Lactose-Free Options

Dairy and lactose-free survival foods are widely available: canned vegetables, dried fruits, lentils and beans or other plant-based proteins are all wonderful choices.

Progressing to the 90-Day Survival Plan

Enhancing Your Survival Foods Recipes

But with some survival food recipes to increase the pleasure and add nutrients, you can make this work far more easily. We have three rules for survival foods: you might have some foods but not all, you’re more interested in calories and protein than taste, and it’s worth making the meal more pleasant and increasing the nutrients. Here are three survival food recipes for fruit, berries and pemmican. If you just had a plant-only diet, your survival food meal might look like this: 150 g dry seeds (580 kcal, 26.1 g protein) 50 g pressed berries (172 kcal, 4.1 g protein) Grand Total: 752 kcal, 30.2 g protein. Note the abundant calories and higher protein than usual.

Importance of High Protein Foods

You need high protein survival foods, such as canned meats, nuts, legumes and seeds. Protein plays a key role in rebuilding body tissues, which you’ll need if you’re part of an intense survival scenario.

Preparing for a 120-Day Survival

Picking Your 120-Day Survival Food

There we think in terms of longer-lasting food choices such as dehydrated fruits and vegetables, salt-cured and chemically treated meats, and powdered milk.

Delving into Survival Cave Food

Survival cave food brochures extol these as specially formulated, nutritionally balanced choices. Long-lasting, preserved in cans, tins and pouches, both the canned meats and fruits can last several years, making them ideally suited for a 120-day survival scenario.

The Ultimate 365-Day Survival Guide

Your 6 Month Survival Food Plan

In effect, the plan is to stick to your old sources of food for the first half of the year. Possibly, this would equal out to a mixture of canned foods and dried foods and fruits and veggies, plus anything you manage to find deep inside a cave.

Planning for the Long Term: The 365-Day Challenge

For the second half of the year, grains, dried beans and pasta will also need to be added as food. You are striving for variety not only for health reasons, but because it keeps morale up.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Remember: keep your food stores well stocked, keep your food supply properly refrigerated or dehydrated to prevent spoilage, and take into account all family members‘ dietary needs.

It might look daunting in the extreme to survive for long periods of time, but with some logical plans ahead of time, and knowledge of survival foods, you’ll be better equipped than 90 per cent of all modern humans to survive anything that life may throw at you. Thanks for following along with this survival foods guide, and keep your head up straight!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best survival food?

There really isn’t. It we will depend upon individual nutritional needs and food preferences. Longer shelf life, more nutritious and requiring attention less frequent are usually the best people food for your pet.

Are survival foods safe for individuals with food allergies?

Absolutely. Most survival foods are certified as gluten-free, but always check to make sure that the survival food meets your specific dietary requirements.

Can I make my own survival food?

Yes, you might be able to (safely) dehydrate or can your own food products, but the better idea is not to get sick from foodborne disease (when possible).

How should I store my survival food?

The survival foods must be stored in a dry airy and cool place to extend it's shelf life, keeping away moisture, light and heat.

How much survival food should I stockpile?

It depends on the number of people and the length of time. A good general guide is to shoot for at least 1200 calories per person per day.

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