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How to Tell if a Jalapeño is Going to Be Hot or Not…

The Pepper Predictor: Is it Hot or Not?

Alright, let's chat about jalapeños, those cute little green peppers that could either be a flavorful treat or a mouth-on-fire catastrophe! You might be wondering if there's a way to tell whether a jalapeño is going to be as mild as a kitten or as fiery as a dragon. Well, brace yourself for the journey into the jalapeño guessing game!

Size Matters: Tiny but Fiery

First things first, size can be a sneaky indicator. You'd think the big ones pack more punch, right? But nope, it's actually the opposite. The smaller the jalapeño, the bigger the kick. It's like they're overcompensating or something. "I might be small, but I'll set your tongue on fire!" they seem to say. So, if you spot a tiny jalapeño, be prepared for some heat!

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Spot the Heat: Wrinkles are a Clue

Next up, let's talk about looks. You know how older people have wrinkles? It's kind of the same with jalapeños. Those lines you see on the skin of a jalapeño aren't signs of old age, but heat level. If you see a jalapeño with lots of lines, that pepper's got a hot date with your taste buds! So, if you prefer milder flavors, look for smooth-skinned jalapeños.

Feeling It: The Firmness Factor

Now, we're gonna get touchy-feely with our jalapeños. No, seriously! Feel the pepper. If it's firm, then it's fresh and likely hotter. If it's a bit soft, then it might have lost some of its fiery spirit. So, if you want to avoid the heat, pick a pepper that doesn't put up a hard fight.

Color Code: Green vs. Red

Finally, let's discuss color. Jalapeños start off green and turn red as they ripen. And guess what happens when they ripen? They get hotter! It's like they're blushing from all the spicy stuff inside them. So, if you're not a fan of spicy, stick with the green ones.

Lazy to Read the Above? We Can Summarize 😉

The shiny green ones ones are not hot and add wonderful flavor. The hot ones are the green ones with small white "stretch mark" looking things on them. If you keep a jalapeño long enough it turns red. Red with white stretch marks will be a hot one too. Jalapeños are great for your gut health. Try fresh sliced on your favorite sandwich for an extra wake up. If you plan to fd them I'd say separate they stretch mark ones and the glossy green ones so no surprises lol

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