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From ice-cream to fruit, it has enriched our very human eating habits: making things that come out of the freezer hit the tongue in a way that can be even more intense, even more out of this world. Perhaps the most thrilling new development in snacks involves freeze-dried candy. These treats pack an incredible punch of flavour, all wrapped up in crispy, otherworldly form.

The Magic Behind Freeze Dried Candy

Freeze drying, or lyophilisation (literally ‘freeze-dry’), works like this: you abruptly freeze the product, disrupting molecular interactions and immobilising the water molecules as ice crystals; then you drop the pressure of the surroundings below the vapour pressure of ice at the temperature you’re using (a few hPa these days, thanks to progress in vacuum technology) and you allow the frozen water to escape to the low-pressure environment through a very well-controlled phenomenon called sublimation, where the water goes directly from the solid state to the gaseous state. What you end up with is an object that looks and feels almost as crunchy as the original, with most of the taste, colour and nutritional value intact.

Why Is The Flavor So Intense?

Freeze-dried candy does not, after all, merely provide a new textural experience: something about this process amplifies the candy’s flavour. Why?

Higher Concentration Of Ingredients: Without water, the ingredients are more concentrated. Resulting in a more intense flavour due to density.

Intensified Sweetness: More of the natural sugars are concentrated as water evaporates from the candy, leading to an intensified sweet rush.

Rapid evaporation: By removing water, the freeze drying method can lead to rapid evaporation of certain more volatile aroma compounds which we consider essential for the flavour of the product, a key component of the tasting experience.

Popular Freeze Dried Candy Choices

As this trend takes off, more and more types of candy become freeze-dried, including:

Gummy Bears: Think of a gummy bear but crispy. Full-bodied juiciness is now an explosion with every bite.

Sour Worms: The sour experience is intensified, and this lively acid contrasts with the new textural experience, toothy harmony.

Chocolate-Dipped Fruit: The fruit inside goes crunchy, the chocolate stays creamy.

Skittles: The hard shell is cracked to reveal a biomolecular ‘value-burst’. It’s snacking gone electric!

Health Considerations

While freeze-dried candy makes a tasty snack, you also don’t want to overdo it, particularly because its ultra-sweet flavours can prompt overeating. And if the water has been chemically extracted, that does not mean all the other ingredients have disappeared, especially sugars. Caloric and sugar content is approximately the same as before as well, so be sure to watch your serving size.


What accompanies freeze-dried candy is the delightful paradox of snack food with extra crunch. With sugar as a main ingredient, there’s no doubt about the level of flavour, but with a crisp texture layered on, you’ll have your mouth and your brain agreeing in unanimous agreement that this is the state of snacking nirvana. Of course, moderation is always important when it comes to sweets, lest one lose teeth, not to mention sprouting new ones where gaps appeared last year. But once in a while, it’s nice to have an explosion of flavour that’s different from the norm. For that, you can think freeze-dried candy, and let those taste buds scream.

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