Pumpkin Power Up Your Salads: The Magic of Freeze-Dried Bites

Salad can be tricky to make interesting in terms of texture and flavour, so we have also been experimenting with freeze-dried pumpkin bites.

A Bite-Sized Boost of Pumpkin Goodness

Freeze-dried pumpkin is pumpkin that’s been dried out so much that its water has disappeared. As simple as that description seems, there’s a significant benefit: it’s concentrated.

Booster Pump: 

The concentrated nature of freeze-dried pumpkin packs a whole lotta zing into a little zucchini, far more pumpkin flavour than the elusive sweetness of fresh pumpkin in a salad.

Added Shelf Life: 

Fresh pumpkin has a very short shelf life, but freeze-dried bites have a very long shelf life, 25-30 years if properly stored. You can have year-round pumpkin!


No peeling and chopping! No roasting! The frozen pumpkin is already freeze-dried and ready to go.

Adding Pumpkin Flair to Your Salads

There are numerous ways to incorporate freeze-dried pumpkin bites into your salad creations:

Direct Addition:

A handful added to the salad for textural and pumpkin-flavour contrast.

Chopped and tossed:

Start by roughly chopping the bites and tossing them with other salad ingredients like nuts, seeds and dried fruits.

Pumpkin Vinaigrette Blend some fried pumpkin bites into your favourite vinaigrette recipe – try anywhere from a half teaspoon of the powder to a tablespoon. This will give the dressing a general ‘pumpkin-y’ flavour.

Experimenting with Flavor Pairings

The freeze-dried pumpkin bites are endlessly versatile, especially when used to bring together culinary innovations: Here are some ideas for your flavour combos:

Classic Fall:

Pair the pumpkin twists with pecans, goat cheese, and a maple vinaigrette for a salady fall treat.

Savoury and Sweet:

Spice up your pumpkin bites with dried cranberries and crumbled feta cheese, and then drizzle on a quick balsamic glaze.

Tropical Twist: 

Add pumpkin pieces to a salad with mango, toasted coconut flakes and a lime vinaigrette.

Just a handful of pumpkin bites adds a fun new texture to salads and a squashy punch of flavour. Freeze-dried pumpkin bites can make your salads the most magical. Next time you expect a bounty of salad magic, but lack the time and energy, try the flavour solution of freeze-dried pumpkin bites. You’ll be saving valuable time, yet creating exciting and tasty plates that look like they took an eternity to craft.

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