Pumpkin Bites: Autumn Essence in Salads

Pumpkin Power Up Your Salads: The Magic of Freeze-Dried Bites

It’s easy to neglect the texture and flavour sensations of ol’ standby salad, so we’re also playing with freeze-dried pumpkin bits.

A Bite-Sized Boost of Pumpkin Goodness

So what exactly is it? Freeze-dried pumpkin is pumpkin that has been dried out so thoroughly as to have had all of its water evaporated. The definition is as simple as that. But there is a big payoff in that simplicity: concentrate.

Booster Pump: 

Dry it down and, shrivel though it may, the concentrated nature of pumpkin that’s been freeze-dried is a whole load of zing in a a little zuchhini. It has more pumpkin flavour than the elusive sweetness of fresh pumpkin in a salad.

Added Shelf Life: 

Fresh pumpkin has a very short shelf life, but freeze-dried bites have a very long shelf life, 25-30 years if stored correctly. It’s like Halloween all year round!


No skinning and cutting! No roasting! The frozen pumpkin is already dry and ready to go!

Adding Pumpkin Flair to Your Salads

There are numerous ways to incorporate freeze-dried pumpkin bites into your salad creations:

Direct Addition:

A handful added to the salad for textural and pumpkin-flavour contrast.

Chopped and tossed:

Then simply chop the bites, toss them in amongst other salad ingredients such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits, and you’re done.

Pumpkin Vinaigrette Blend fried pumpkin bites into your favourite vinaigrette recipe – add a half teaspoon of the powder to a tablespoon of the powder. It should just taste generally ‘pumpkin-y’.

Experimenting with Flavor Pairings

The freeze-dried pumpkin bites are endlessly flexible, most especially within the context of a flavour smackdown: Here are some examples to get your imagination cooking:

Classic Fall:

Pair with pecans, goat cheese and a maple vinaigrette for a fall salad.

Savoury and Sweet:

Add some dried cranberries and crumbled feta cheese and a balsamic glaze for an exciting kick to your pumpkin bites.

Tropical Twist: 

Sauté with mango, toasted coconut shreds and a lime vinaigrette.

With a sprinkling of a few pumpkin bites on salad (one or two bites is enough!), you add a novel texture and a squashy flavour surprise. After freeze-dried pumpkin bites, your salads might be the most magical things on the plate. When you have to come up with magic in salads, but don’t have the time and energy, the magic flavour is freeze-dried pumpkin bites. You’ll save time and energy, but things will look like magic, and taste magical too.

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