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Top-Selling Cream Pie Sandwich Varieties

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If you're a dessert aficionado, or simply someone with a sweet tooth, you're likely always on the lookout for new and exciting treats. And one thing that's taking the dessert world by storm is the cream pie sandwich, particularly the freeze dried variety. In this article, we'll explore the magic of these deliciously unique sweet treats, and look into the top-selling cream pie sandwich varieties.

 Introduction to the Delight of Cream Pie Sandwiches

Ice cream sandwiches are an evergreen classic, but there's something about combining it with pie that takes it to a whole new level. It brings together the crunchy, crumbly goodness of pie crust, the creaminess of ice cream, and the distinct flavors of different pie fillings.

 What Makes an Ice Cream Sandwich Pie?

An ice cream sandwich pie is a marriage of two beloved desserts: the ice cream sandwich and the classic pie. The outer layer is typically a form of cookie or biscuit that replicates the texture and taste of a pie crust, while the filling is a decadent layer of ice cream.

The Unstoppable Rise of Freeze Dried Food Desserts

There's a new player in the world of desserts: freeze dried food. It's not only a novel way to enjoy your favorite treats, but it also brings numerous benefits.

 How the Freeze Drying Process Works

The freeze drying process involves freezing the food, then reducing the surrounding pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the food to sublimate. The result? Your favorite foods in a lightweight, long-lasting, and convenient form.

 Benefits of Freeze Drying for Ice Cream Sandwich Pies

Freeze drying allows for the preservation of food without the use of preservatives or refrigeration. For ice cream sandwich pies, it ensures that you can enjoy your favorite dessert anytime, anywhere, with the added benefit of having an extended shelf-life.

 Top 5 Best-Selling Cream Pie Sandwich Varieties

So, let's dive into the world of cream pie sandwich varieties that have dessert lovers raving.

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Classic Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwich Pie

It's no surprise that the classic vanilla variety tops the list. With the simple yet decadent flavor of creamy vanilla ice cream nestled between crunchy, buttery pie crust-like cookies, it's a delight for all ages.

 Rich Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Pie

For chocolate lovers, this variety brings together the richness of chocolate cookies with the creamy delight of ice cream. It's a match made in dessert heaven.

 Refreshing Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwich Pie

Who can resist the refreshing burst of mint combined with the crunch of chocolate chips? This variety offers a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Decadent Caramel Swirl Ice Cream Sandwich Pie

The sweet, creamy, and rich flavor of caramel swirled into velvety ice cream and sandwiched between cookies makes for a dessert that’s truly indulgent.

 Tangy Berry Blast Ice Cream Sandwich Pie

If you're a fan of fruity desserts, the Berry Blast variety is for you. The tangy, fruity flavor of mixed berries complements the sweetness of the ice cream, making for a refreshing treat.

How to Enjoy Your Favorite Ice Cream Sandwich Pie

Ready to indulge in these freeze-dried ice cream sandwich pies?

 Steps to Enjoy a Freeze Dried Ice Cream Sandwich Pie

Simply unwrap your freeze dried ice cream sandwich pie, let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes, and then enjoy! It's that simple.


Ice cream sandwich pies are a delightful fusion of classic desserts that offer a new way to satisfy your sweet cravings. From classic vanilla to tangy berry blast, there's a top-selling variety that's sure to make your dessert dreams come true.


  1. Can I store freeze dried ice cream sandwich pies at room temperature? Yes, one of the benefits of freeze dried food is that it can be stored at room temperature.

  2. Are there any preservatives in freeze dried ice cream sandwich pies? No, the freeze drying process eliminates the need for preservatives.

  3. How do I rehydrate a freeze dried ice cream sandwich pie? You don't need to rehydrate it! Just let it sit at room temperature for a few minutes before consuming.

  4. Are there other flavors of freeze dried ice cream sandwich pies? Absolutely! The ones mentioned here are just the top-selling varieties. There are many other exciting flavors available in the market.

  5. Where can I buy freeze dried ice cream sandwich pies? They're available in grocery stores, specialty food stores, and online. Some brands even offer direct delivery!

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