The freezedrying practice of foods is succualorous for travelers who want to have an easy essesacble access of varieties of desiccated fruits. Also it is a specular indulgence for home chefs who likes to use it for cooking and bakings. It’s a process of elution of water from the fruits, certain desserts and vegetables. During the process, nutrients and the taste is retained. It is a preferential decision for an individual who wants to tread on a food habit of eating multifarious fruits every day.

Perhaps the most obvious benefits of this type of dehydration is extended storage This allows for produce to be stored for longer periods such as tropical fruits that would perish within a day to being stored in basically a fresh state for extended periods.Nutritional values can also be retained for longer provided freezedried fruits are vacuum-sealed and stored in low-moisture climates. The most portable of this type of foods and easily fitting into the aforementioned categories is also its lightness.

The first reasons is how convenience are the freeze-dried fruits, the easy transportation. The lite to weight. That now days, we prefer carrying several containers installed, specially when we travel. In the same example, if you’re flipster for fruits an home, while you do go out, you can easily carry the freeze dried fruits on your purse or a backpack to eat these awesome frozen fruits while you go out.
We know on how frequece people can be impotent while eating all types of junk food throughout a day, the best good decision is to buy freeze dried fruits. Because of what health diseases you can cause by consuming all those junk food.

These could eradicate fruit in the form of canned genetically modified sludge, pumped into Mason jars with high fructose corn syrup, and replaced by freeze-dried fruits. And what a form , a form containing all the colour and nutrition-dense elements of fresh fruit without the additives and junk in most fortified packaged snacks. Thanks to its raw state and prairie-air processing, the fibre level in freeze-dried fruits is excessive, with low sugar, fat and carbs so perfect for sugar-free, gluten-free, calorie- and carb-free diets.

These are good sources of vitamins and minerals as well, containing a suite of vitamins (for example, vitamin C, which is required for the proper function of the immune system and collagen) and a suite of minerals (an important group of these is known as electrolytes, needed for muscle function and heart health, including potassium and magnesium, which is needed for bone health and nerve function).

Major advantage of freeze dried fruit is that the fruit does not loose its nutritional value while it nearly removed its water content while its in freezing process which happens when it freeze dried. After water is removed the food normally have to keep in -40 and -50 celsius degree for 24 hours because water in the food is gone by the freeze drying process the nutritional value remains the fruit or food and the usual taste. This processing does not remove or lower the nutrition in foods. Hence food has more nutrition when it processed by freeze drying technique. This is why this foods considered to have nutrition when it used as foods.
since the quality of it never loose the quality of nutritional in the fruit. That is why its highly use among anybody who want to make more of its diet.

Freeze-dried fruits can slip into just about any recipe, and are most often used in smoothies, oatmeals or yogurts: adding either dried strawberries or apricots lends sweet, fruity flavour and texture to your recipe. Scatter one over the top of a cookie, muffin or cake for an outdoor-infused burst of flavour and colour in your desserts or baking projects, and add a similarly distinctive punch to a salad by sprinkling some over greens.

Well known frozen fruit that is sell well is strawberry. That fruit is main ingredients for dessert, snack and also candles producer which is aromatherapists.

Strawberry is the best freeze-dried fruit out of several others . itis produce with many main nutrient which body require in terms of nutrition. Main example is vitamin C
From nutrion expert we can find evdience that tell us balance of nutrient in a freeze dried strawberry.

Antioxidants in these freeze-dried strawberries protect us against getting sick or having any other kinds of problems due to inflammation. They also contain fibre, which is essential for helping digestion and keeping cholesterol and blood sugar down.

Another fruit, which is the second most outpopular fruit as a freeze-dried fruit is also known as "blueberry". Actually that fruit is one of the fruits which contains rich in "antioxidant" and it believed that this fruit could be boost as immunostimulant as well as reducing risks of heart diseases and cancer diseases. That mean why in this era blueberry is now considered as the healthiest food in the world. Other than that, blueberry also is rich in "vitamin C", "fibre" and "Vitamin K" that it called as one of the five stars food that could increase people's health if we could consume again.

Ready-to-eat freeze-dried mangos are the second most popular fruit among diehard dehydrated fruit eaters for a good reason: they are delicious and tasty. They are also an excellent source of vitamins A and C. Since our bodies cannot produce these vitamins, it is necessary to have an external dose. Vitamin A keeps the structure of your skin healthy by supporting skin tissue growth and repair, and vitamin C will boost your immune system, decrease tiredness and fatigue, support the normal energy-yielding metabolism, and keep gums, teeth, skin, and blood vessels healthy. Furthermore, mangoes contain dietary fibres that keep your stomach full for a longer period and promote normal bowel movements.

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