Freeze Dried Candies Reviews

Jessica R.Vancouver, BC
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I have no words but INCREDIBLE. I have ordered online from theses guys 7 times so far (obviously it’s good because I keep going back!). The freeze dried candy is so tasty and fun! My daughter loves checking to see what new products they have.
Vanessa B.Los Angeles, CA
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Their online ordering experience is quick and painless and their products are awesome. I always appreciate how quickly they fill orders. Their customer service is great - when I placed two orders close together, they were able to ship them together and refund my shipping for the second order. I didn’t even ask for this, they just did it. Looking forward to ordering more!
Kristin F.Winnipeg, MB
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Absolutely delicious! Love the freeze dried options! I ordered one of the bundles for my husband’s birthday and was so impressed! It was a joy to see him open them and see his surprise.

Benefits of Freeze Dried Fruits

Preserves Original Flavor

The freeze-drying process typically preserves the original flavor of the candy, ensuring you still get to enjoy the taste you love.

No Preservatives Needed

Freeze-dried candies do not require any preservatives as the freeze-drying process effectively inhibits bacterial growth.


Freeze-dried candies represent an innovative approach to candy-making, showing that there are always new ways to enjoy our favorite sweets.

Unique Texture

One of the key benefits of freeze-dried candy is the unique texture it offers. It provides a satisfying crunch that is different from traditional candies, making it a fun alternative for candy lovers.

Long Shelf Life

Properly stored freeze-dried candies can last for more than 25 years.


Without the water content, freeze-dried candies are lighter than regular candies. This makes them easier to carry around and perfect for on-the-go snacks.

Unique Candy Experience

For candy enthusiasts, trying freeze-dried candies can provide a new and unique candy experience, a variation from the usual confections.

Perfect for Gifting

With the increasing popularity of freeze-dried candies, they make for a unique and trendy gift.

Fun for Kids

The unique texture and taste of freeze-dried candies can make snack time fun and exciting for kids.

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Why Choose Freeze N Dried for Freeze Dried Fruits?

Freeze N Dried is a brand born in 2022, committed to bringing special freeze dried treats to your home. They are 100% Canadian owned & operated, and emphasize on sustainability and quality control. Their journey began with a goal to reduce food waste, from the farm to your home. They strive to keep their carbon emission low and compensate what they can't eliminate, providing their customers with a guilt-free indulgence.

Quality control is at the heart of Freeze N Dried's operations. Their dedicated customer experience specialists ensure that your experience doesn't end when the product ships but continues whenever you need it. This commitment to quality and customer service is reflected in the glowing reviews from their customers, praising everything from their freeze dried skittles to the range of choices available.

Freeze dried candies are a unique treat that will keep you coming back for more, thanks to their distinct texture and intense flavor. The options are aplenty, from freeze dried Airheads, Apple Rings, Blue Raspberry Rings, to Caramel M&M's® and even freeze dried Cheesecake. These treats are not only delicious but they also bring a novel experience to the table.

Freeze-dried candies are a type of treat where the moisture is removed from the candy using a process called freeze-drying or lyophilization. This process results in a light, crunchy texture.

Freeze-dried candies are made by a process called freeze-drying or lyophilization. This involves freezing the candy and then reducing the surrounding pressure and adding heat to allow the frozen water in the material to sublimate.

Freeze-dried candies, like all candies, should be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. The freeze-drying process maintains the nutritional value of the original ingredient, but the overall healthiness will depend on that original ingredient. Freeze-dried candy is better for teeth, especially for those with dental work. It doesn’t get stuck in teeth like regular candy, making it a safer choice for those with spacers, fillings, dentures, and braces

Yes, freeze-dried candies can be used in a variety of recipes. They can add a fun crunch to desserts, like Freeze Dried Marshmallows. 

Freeze-dried candy can last up to 25 years if stored correctly, making it a long-term investment especially with rising food prices.