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Freeze dried fruits for cereal toppings

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Adds flavour and nutrients to a sad and healthful breakfast Stirring some freeze dried fruit into your cereal will wake up the flavour of your morning meal … or at least get you through it. When you pour your cereal next time, don't reach for the sliced banana. Instead of that sugary, under-ripe sweetness, try a layer of freeze dried fruits all your own. There are so many more benefits than improving your breakfast taste with breakast toppings that use freeze dried fruits. Prepared foods make eating better possible, giving your body the nutrients it needs when you're too busy to do it on your own.

The Rise of Freeze-Dried Fruits

The formula behind freeze-dried fruits goes like this: take fresh-picked fruit; extract the moisture with a vacuum; and then preserve the rest – all the taste and nutrition of the original fruit! All you have to do is take that fruit, in its now light and airy, crispy and intensely flavourful incarnation, and eat it. And everyone loves freeze-dried fruit, right?

The Perfect Breakfast Snack

Cereals are now very popular in the market. Having freeze-dried fruits in your cereal is not only adding more flavour to your cereals but also gives your everyday cereals an exotic and tasty crunchiness.
With their natural sweetnes and colours, freeze-dried fruits will makes your breakfast bowl a new life.

A Healthy Twist

Beyond their characteristic advantage of enhancing the flavour, in the form of vitamins, minerals and fibre, they make freeze-dried fruits a healthy complement to your breakfast. Most importantly, freeze-dried fruits are not cover-donned with any additives, colourant or preservatives. Hence, breakfast can be truly ‘the most important meal of the day' in the sense of our health.

Versatility in Options

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of eating dried fruit is that you can experience freeze-dried strawberries, blueberries, apples, mangoes, etc. It is your taste buds choice and you can keep your cereal fresh every day!!

Convenience Personified

Nothing – not even a life lived amid enough love and leisure – is more precious today than convenience. My favourite cold weather use for a fruity reconstituent is as a cereal topping. There is none to prepare, no sabre-like chunks to sever, no wholes to dice, best of all no need to refrigerate: sprinkle over cereal and kiss your shared minutes goodbye.

A Crunchy Start to Your Day

The process of freeze-drying: once hydrated, the fruit acquires an uncommon crunch that gives something adventurous to a boring old bowl of cereal. What I'm saying is, it gave breakfast something to which my six-year-old could look forward waking up every morning.

Encouraging Healthy Eating Habits

And indeed, such measures to put a little bit of freeze-dried fruit at breakfast might lead to better food and health choices throughout the remainder of the day: eat your spinach at breakfast, have spinach for dinner.

Experiment and Enjoy

Or, shave dried fruits until you find a signature topping for your cereal, ie, a cluster of sweetness to disguise the inherent blandness of the stuff and render it palatable. Mix and match whatever sounds good, whatever strikes your fancy. It's that willingness to vary that keeps the most fundamental of all foods from becoming a downer.


You can sprinkle some freeze dried-fruits on top of your cereal for breakfast. Your cereal goes from this blah boring bowl of grains to an amazing healthy breakfast that will rock your day.


Q1. If you are going to use freeze-dried fruits as a topping on your cereal – Which fruits go well with cereal?

A1. Some of my best picks for freeze-dried fruits as a topping on cereals are strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and bananas.

Q2: Some people think freeze-dried fruits can be a good idea for the children's breakfast. Do you agree or disagree?

Yes, I am of the view that freeze-dried fruits are a wholesome option of having cereals for the morning breakfast not only for children but also for the elders. Not only it is a healthier option but also it can make the cereal more fun when the food is made into a fun-tastic kid's combo with freeze-dried foods like fruits.

Q3. How long can dried fruits last ?

The canned dried fruits can last more than one year if named from pantry. Dried fruits will keep it their nutrition value and look when keep inside an airtight box .

Q4: Once freeze-dried, can the fruits be rehydrated to return to their normal texture?

Nope – they tell you to eat them as you would eat a crisp.

Q5. Is freeze drying fruit better than using fresh fruits and,why?

Freeze drying is much better. The drying process is done with very low temperature so that most of the nutrients are preserved. I think it is a good way to use for example a handful of fruit mixing on your cereal in the morning.

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