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Guide: Discover the Best Candy Stores in Austin

Hello, sugar-craving homosapiens! Buckle up your sweet belt, for we are about to embark on a calorie-filled journey through the sugary lanes of Austin. We're exploring the top 10 candy stores that will make your sweet tooth dance with joy. Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of flavors and remember, you can't spell 'happiness' without 'sugar'... or at least close enough!

1. Edis Chocolates

3808 Spicewood Springs Rd Ste 102 Austin, TX 78759

Walk into Edis Chocolates, and your senses will be overwhelmed by the rich aroma of European chocolate and delectable desserts. Handmade truffles, Chocolate Mousse, French macarons, and Dark Chocolate-dipped organic fruits all await your sweet surrender. Edis has a charm that could make a chocoholic weep with joy!

2. See's Candies

10710 Research Blvd Austin, TX 78759

Step into See's Candies and become the Willy Wonka of your dreams by creating a custom mixed box of chocolates and candies. If you fancy going the extra mile for your business partners or bulk ordering for that secret stash, this is your stop!

3. Lammes Candies

5330 Airport Blvd Austin, TX 78751

Family-owned since 1885, Lammes Candies is a confectionary legend in Austin. Here, you'll discover why folks drive miles for their Chocolate Covered Strawberries. With new items like Habanero Praline and dark chocolate covered Grapes, your taste buds are in for a Texan treat!

4. Big Top Candy Shop

1706 S Congress Ave Austin, TX 78704

Missing those good ol' days? A trip to Big Top Candy Shop with its classic candy collection and Bluebell ice cream will teleport you straight to your childhood! Trust us, this store is like your favorite rom-com, it never gets old!


11621 Rock Rose Ste 100 Austin, TX 78758

IT'SUGAR isn't just a candy store; it's a wonderland of sweets and delights where every corner teases your senses. Scoopable candies, cute merchandise, and humorous messages - it's a visual treat that might cost you an arm because you'll want it all!

6. 3 Star Candy Shop

113 Main St Round Rock, TX 78664

3 Star Candy Shop is a nostalgia-fueled trip down memory lane. This candy store-cum-ice cream shop also features an old-time soda fountain. Enjoy a float, ice cream soda, or shake while you pick from their selection of gourmet sodas and hundreds of candies.

7. Yummi Joy

409 W 2nd St Austin, TX 78701

At Yummi Joy, the name says it all! With an incredible variety of candies, including Gati ice cream, this place truly is a joy to visit. And remember, the only thing better than candy is more candy!

8. Austin Gourmet Popcorn

13343 N Hwy 183 Ste 250 Austin, TX 78750

Calling all popcorn lovers! Austin Gourmet Popcorn offers over 70 flavors of popcorn, popped fresh on-site. Everything from salted popcorn to caramels covered in chocolate – it's the popcorn paradise you've been dreaming of!

9. Sugar Shack

114 Loop 150 W Bastrop, TX 78602

Sugar Shack is the sweetest shack you'll ever visit. With the best sweets and treats for locals and tourists alike, this place will have you saying, "Sugar, sugar, oh, honey, honey," in no time!

10. See's Candies

10710 Research Blvd Austin, TX 78759

Wait, See's Candies again? Yes, folks! It's just that good. With its custom mix of chocolates and candies and its bulk ordering prowess, it earns its spot on our list twice!

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