For suckers like you: prepare to go on an Edmonton spin around the candy rides. Spin because it can be as variable as it is sugary. From the Euro bar to the Cola bottle; from the ubiquitous inedibles of playscape purveyors around the world, to the alien American candies, forbidden fruit that many never came to sniff; on they go.

Carol's Sweets

We shall begin with the excellent little shop run by Carol’s Sweets, which all top-class visitors envy for the variety of imported European chocolate bars and sweets it sells, as well as the handmade chocolates it makes on the premises – indeed, you cannot miss them!

12519 102 Ave NW Edmonton, AB T5N 0M4 Canada

Candy Bouquet

Lastly, Candy Bouquet, for penny sweets and all British sweets. It’s the only place in town that sells imported UK groceries, chocolate and crisps.

12 Perron St St Albert, AB T8N 1E4 Canada

Sweet Convenience

Sweet Convenience is, of course, not really a sweet shop at all, for they deal exclusively in limited and/or special items from the majority world. Think Pop Tarts, Oreos, or (for the occasional snack-munching adrenalin junkie) Tahiti Treat.

16930 107 Avenue NW Edmonton, AB T5P 4C3 Canada

B Sweet

Step inside the B Sweet outlet within West Edmonton mall, and you’re immersed in a confectionary fantasy – a wide selection of 16 different candies waiting for the consumer who’s unlikely to be disappointed if he chooses to fill up a bagful.

8882 170 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2 Canada

Rocket Fizz

It was unlike every other candystore because it sold peanut butter candy treats and chocolates and pops along with Coca Cola memorabilia. Oh yes, you won’t find these ‘rare’ candies and pops at the grocery store or the gas station.

10544B 82 Avenue Edmonton, AB T6E 2A4 Canada


Besides a candy shop, gift and candy joyland, we offer an abundance of ideas to bedazzle everyone on your gift list.

6510 112 Avenue Edmonton, AB T5W 0P2 Canada

It’s Sugar

Sugar is Awesome. I mean you can buy every type of candy that you can imagine in this place, with some great selection, just beware because its kind of pricey so you might want to make sure your wallet is well stocked so you don't deplete all your childhood memories of candy in one go.

1820-8882 170 Street NW Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2 Canada

Candy Candy

Candy Candy is a micro-minimart-missionary of sugar, packed to the rafters with CANDY: Jelly Bellys, bulk chocolate, gummies, bonbons.

West Edmonton Mall 8882 - 170 Street, Suite 1335 Edmonton, AB T5T 4M2 Canada

Nut Shoppe

Finally ,we have Nut Shoppe who sell a variety of food items that yourself like either ,sweet Chocolate, or Cookies or gummies and fresh nuts that you would want to purchase for yourself that will help you with their staff are kind enough if you give them some guidance to get you the items.

1078 Northgate Centre Edmonton, AB T5E 5R8 Canada

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