Understanding Preservation Methods: Freeze Drying vs. Dehydration

There are times when you have to decide what is best – two food conservatives methods : the freeze drying and the total dehydration, but it is very hard to know in which one you would like to trust. To us it is crazy to have a raw food and then to freeze it to keep this product for ever. So what is better between the freeze drying, that is really apt to total preserves the taste and nutritional properties ; it capture those properties and put in a sealed bag to be sold or the dehydrated aliment in which all the water has been removed from the food ?

Here I am going to tell you some arguments about benefit of the freeze dryed food .
As well some fact about Freeze N Dried product and how we can agree on this .
Freeze dried is the best we can ecomonise alive !

What Makes Freeze Drying Special?

Freeze drying or lyophilisation takes place in two steps: in this case, food is frozen and then vacuum is imposed so that ice sublimates away.When compared with dehydrated food, freeze dried food retains aroma, taste, texture and nutritional properties, and it is therefore the better option.

Dehydration Process: Limits and Drawbacks

Drying meats and fruits, for example, is accomplished by applying heat to meat or fruit to drive off the water. This renders the food inedible, at the same time preserving it – hence the term dehydration, literally ‘dried out'. Of course, such preservation comes with the loss of flavour, texture and much of the nutritive value of the food.

Nutritional Value: Freeze Dried Food is Better

Thawdriedfoodisbigdifferentsomewithdriedfoodutilities.Asanexample,the same nutrientcontentsareveryimpordettoneverychildren.However,everyonehewanttoknownutrientsstuffedbeforebuy.

It is different with frozen dried food and dried food. Fresh food can keep 97% nutrition, especially food contain a lot of mainerns.Dried food just maintain about 60% nutrition. Fresh food can keep more nutrition than dried food. Plenty of nutrition can be seen in fresh food..Frozen dried food can conserve more nutrition than dried food,This is why we attract our attention to frozen dried food and we we should pay attention for it,because we eat food for nutrition and our health..

Taste and Texture: An Obvious Choice

Instant rehydration, no loss of shape, colour or flavour; few could match the resume of freeze dried food compared with dehydrated food – if one were only focused on the sensory aspect. (The first compromise that freeze drying makes to the natural foodstuff, unlike with dehydrating, is not physical or chemical, but sensorial, as it literally pulls the flavours out. As one long-time chef at the Concordia science base in Antarctica put it to me: ‘The method certainly does not do justice to whitefish.

Shelf Life: Freeze Dried Foods Stay Good Longer

They have a longer shelf life in the packaging than the dehydrated ones too: … They have twice the shelf life because of twice the dehydration [Does that mean dehydrating twice?]. That's 25 years if stored right, instead of 15 years. A nice, long-term storage food.

Examples of Freeze N Dried Products: Quality Proof

Hundreds more items are sold by Freeze N Dried. The freeze-dried products simply display the natural advantages of the process.

Freeze Dried Strawberries: Bright, delicious, crunchy, flavourful strawberries, that you can eat on the go!

Freeze Dried Pineapple: Tangy and yummy. Easy to eat and snack on without icky stuff.Good for recipes and enjoying as is.

Freeze Dried Mac and Cheese Mmm mmm Mmm, just right for car camping or trucking or hardening up the rest of your emergency preparedness stock, good and easy to rehydrate like Mom Just come into the store and grab all the survival food that will make your life easier.

Freeze dried ice-cream: a family favourite You've been there, camping out, and you have eaten freeze dried ice-cream. Who hasn't!? Freeze dried ice-cream is like normal ice-cream, and doesn't need to be kept cool.

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