Tired of eating the same old boring snacks? Looking to enjoy some new foods, but even better and yummier? There’s only one place to go. It’s Freeze N Dry. Our freeze dried snacks provide everything you need and more, with an assortment of delicious treats. Available snacks include freeze dried ice cream and strawberries. Our snacks are made using the best ingredients in the world and are packed full of love, so if you’re looking for a nice and healthy snack for anyone, look no further.


We at Freeze N dried does always try to give our customer best. We do always give our best quality product to our customer. Every snacks in our store are produce in calgary, alberta, canada. From produce to sending we always cared and attention for evey steps.we always give best for frueze dried straweberries,-halal, ver best quality product for frough dried blueberries -halal ver best quality in frough dried mango- halal ver best product in frough daiid pine,foured fish and finally crab. we love to give ver best for our customer.

For people who love ice cream so much that they can't enough of this frozen dessert but hate mess, ice cream sandwiches freeze dried is the perfect solution. That’s if you happen to love ice cream and can't eat enough frozen dessert but there is a problem that you feel messy when eating ice cream. Whether you have moustaches and dirty hands, ice cream sandwiches freeze dried is a hydrating and sweet snack you need on a hot summer day. These ice cream sandwiches from freeze dried are available in different flavors, which are vanilla and cookies and cream.

Besides our freeze-dried snacks we also have freeze-dried candies. We have many types of freeze-dried candy like sour cherry, peach and watermelon. It’s perfect for any candy lover who wants something unique to the ordinary candy. Unlike regular candy, our freeze-dried candy is healthier since they have no added sugar and preservatives.

Free Shipping at freezeNdried?

Free Shipping on orders over $49.99 USD- we made it easy for you and the price is right!Everyone should be able to afford a tasty, healthy treat so we kept the price down on all the above products. They’re all available for sale here, no matter if you want freeze dried blueberries,dried fruit, ice cream or snack strawberries they’re all available for purchase so get some delivered to you now.

At Freeze N dried, we are committed to give the best shopping experience to our customers. This is why our website has been made easy to use and understandable for all.We believe that buying freeze dried food should be simple and shouldn't be stressful. Therefore, to make it easy for you to buy frozen dried snacks, our freeze dried snacks page can easily be browsed, added to carts then bought in simple steps.

Did someone say Cheese?

How to Dehydrate & Freeze-Dry Cheese for Backpacking MealsSo is our cheese. yes, our extra freeze-dried cheese has left our lab as our most sold snack .because it ?only? freeze-dried shape of the best cheese, is the first choice of all whom looking for the cheese taste and at the same time healthy product, our freeze-dried cheese, is very good for your soup and other foods, as well as for snack every foodie must have this versatile ingredient in their pantry.

For people who already like freeze dried snacks, we recommend Freeze N Dried. Because, it is product that made with the finest and none added ingredient. carry them along with us to enjoy when we are camping, hiking, or on the road . That is why it is best suited for the people who want a healthy and good snack.


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