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All About Haribo: The Sweet Side of History

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The Birth of Haribo

Haribo, a name synonymous with gummy candy, is a German confectionery company founded by Hans Riegel Sr. in 1920. Born in the quaint city of Bonn, Haribo is an acronym derived from the founder's name and city of origin (Ha-ns Ri-egel, Bo-nn). Isn't it fascinating how a simple name can carry such a rich piece of history?

The Invention of Haribo Gummy Bears

The journey of Haribo took a significant turn when Hans Riegel invented the first gummy candy in 1922. Inspired by the trained bears seen at festivals and markets in Europe, he created the Haribo Gummy Bears. These cute little edible bears, initially called "Dancing Bears," quickly became a hit and set the stage for Haribo's global success.

Haribo's Expansion: Beyond Borders

After the resounding success in Germany, Haribo began to expand its sweet empire across the globe. Today, Haribo products are loved by children and adults alike in more than 100 countries. But let's focus on a particular milestone in this journey - Haribo's establishment in Wisconsin.

Haribo in Wisconsin: A Sweet Addition

In 2017, Haribo announced its decision to open a factory in Wisconsin, marking its first manufacturing facility in the United States. This was a significant move as it brought Haribo's delightful creations closer to the American consumers and underlined the company's commitment to cater to the US market.

The Varieties of Haribo

Haribo's success is not solely attributed to its original gummy bears. Over the years, the company has introduced a variety of candies that have found their way into the hearts (and mouths) of consumers.

The Classic Haribo Gummy Bears

The classic Haribo Gummy Bears remain a popular choice among candy lovers. These small, fruit-flavored gummies offer a satisfying chew and a burst of sweetness that's hard to resist.

Calories in Haribo Bears: A Fun Fact

Wondering about the calorie count in these sweet treats? On average, a serving of Haribo bears (about 17 pieces) contains around 140 calories. So, these tiny treats can be enjoyed in moderation without tipping the scale too much!

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