If there's just one thing you can do for emergency preparedness, then freezedried food is your best bet, your second home, your first helping hand - sometimes in the middle of the destruction avalanche it is actually lifesaving Bear in mind that everything is so uncertain about life. You just can't predict when an emergency will hit. It may be a threat of tsunami, earthquake, flooding, a global pandemic, financial slump, or an economic crisis. The odds are that at some point you will need access to food, and freezedried is here for you in that moment of need.

Understanding Freeze Dried Food

‘Lyophilisation’ – a process entailing freezing food, then reducing pressure and drawing off the ice by sublimation – turns the water in the food from free to vapour, bypassing the liquid state.

The Process of Freeze Drying Food

This is not a normal freeze-dry process, though. Here’s what you do: You freeze the food product and put it into a vacuum chamber at a low pressure and slightly above the freezing point of water. You then warm the product enough to make the ice crystals evaporate off it. You end up with the product in a dry state.

Why Freeze Dried Food for Emergency Preparedness?

Why all the work just to eat? Food with a long shelf life and convenience.

Long Shelf Life Foods

Probably the most beneficial aspect to the freeze dried food is it’s extremely long shelf life. Above all else, when moisture isn’t present the bacteria that rest inside the food break-down is hard-pressed to survive, giving the food an incredibly long life. When stored in their original bags without opening, most foods such as the one I purchased will last you 25 years or more.


Imagine that all you have to do is add boiling water to get a hearty cooked meal in only a few minutes, and you get the picture. Not only do they become lightweight and small because of that but they are easy to transport, store and store for years on end.

How to Prepare Freeze Dried Foods

The process of rehydrating it can’t be simpler: drop it into boiling water and wait a few minutes!

Nutritional Value of Freeze Dried Foods

You might think this would mean that the food wouldn’t be nutritious, but a typical five-day supply of Nstructure food retains more than 90 per cent of the nutrients found in fresh food. This is important because most food preservation methods degrade nutrients, especially when heat is involved.

Preservation Without Chemical Preservatives

Once it was freeze dried, food could be stored without artificial preservatives – it was the same food, the same flavour but with a much, much longer shelf life!

Comparing Freeze Dried Foods with Other Food Preservation Methods

Let's put freeze dried foods against their counterparts - canned and dehydrated foods.

Advantages Over Canned and Dehydrated Foods

Freeze-dried foods are superior to either canned or dehydrated foods in terms of longevity, nutritional value, taste and weight.

How to Choose the Best Freeze Dried Foods

Look for the best freeze dried food you can from a reputable company, without artificial additives, not past its use‑by date, and assured that it was freeze dried and not just dehydrated.

Making Freeze Dried Food at Home

There are gadgets you can set up that allow you to dry food at home. Freeze drying is also even easier, assuming you have the right gear. You’d need to allow extra time, though.

Steps to Freeze Dry Food

You freeze it, then put it into the vacuum chamber and increase the temperature very slowly. It might take a couple days to complete the task.


In conclusion, in case of an emergency freeze dried foods can provide a solution by being convenient, highly nutritious, long lasting and they don't contain fickle interactve preservatives. This is why you can find them almost anywhere that emergency meal supplies are sold .


Is freeze dried food good to consume? Is freeze dried food healthy?

Yes, actually it is good because the noutritional value is retained.

It’s drinkable, also with hot water. Can you eat freeze dried food without adding water to rehydrate? technically you can eat freeze dried food straight out of the can without any water, but adding a bit of water tends to make everything better when it comes to food.

How long can it keep freeze dried foods ? Is it righ they say 25years when stored well ?

What foods can be freeze-dried?

Virtually any food – from fruits, vegetables, meats and dairy.

At home , when we talk about preparing food of the ‘thaw and eat’ type, can I freeze dry food at home? ?

Yes, because at home need to buy the corresponding equipment.

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