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Exploring the Nutritional Benefits of Freeze-Dried Cheese

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Cream cheese and Camembert cheeses: It’s a miracle for lovers of cheese! There has never been a better reason to feel happy about cheese! Now you can eat this bio available form of your favourite dairy byproduct, get the calcium you need even when you don’t eat dairy products anymore, AND enjoy the taste at the same time! Now let´s talk: what is this cheese, how does freeze-dried cheese actually taste like and what are all the ways in which we can consume this product as part of our daily health routine in order to get the most calcium, best taste and enjoy cheese like never before?

The Art of Freeze-Drying Cheese

This is known as lyophilisation – aka freeze-drying: the cheese undergoes minimal processing, firstly by being frozen at low temperatures, then by the vacuum being drawn which draws out the water. In terms of its organoleptic and nutritional properties, it is fully identical to the fresh cheese – the perfect food for a gourman.

Nutritional Value Intact

Cheese is an essential ingredient in the rehydrated rations because, dried, it is almost as close to 100 per cent nutrition as it is fresh off the cow: ‘You get most of your calcium, all of your protein, and a little of those healthy fats that keep you going.’

Long Shelf Life

You might not like it as you fear your cheese will ferment prematurely.’ No,’ Miss Martin countered, downplaying organoleptic issues (the subjective sensory aspects of food), ‘freeze-dried cheese has no shelf-life – you can keep it in a container forever, just like gold bars.

The Benefits of Freeze-Dried Cheese

Portability and Convenience

It goes without saying that a freeze-dried cheese is very helpful while being in need. And that’s why, as you might have noticed, they are made in very lightweight and compact form and size, very suitable for domainers who work in office everyday and travellers (the hikers) who do not have any fridge with them.

Perfect for Healthy Snacking

If you are looking for healthier snacks, freeze-dried cheese is the snack you want. Cheese is one of the most filling protein-rich snacks. When you are hungry, it will satisfy you and keep you out of bad snack habits.

Versatile Culinary Ingredient

For anyone who wasn’t limited to snacking, the microgreens provided texture and flavour to just about any meal. Smash them into powders or little bits to sprinkle over salad, pasta or popcorn.

How to Incorporate Freeze-Dried Cheese into Your Diet

Snack Packs

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Homemade Trail Mix

Think of your favourite cheese; then think of that same cheese, freeze-dried. Then think of it rubbed into a handful of nuts, sprinkled with dried fruits and seeds. In that one package, you have the basic formula for trail mixes of the future.

Cheese Crisps

Make crispy chips from cheese, which was freeze dried. Chips made from cheese are great for a snack, unlike crisps and biscuits.

FAQs About Freeze-Dried Cheese

1. Is freeze-dried cheese as nutritious as fresh cheese?

Definitely - since freeze dried cheese is not any less nutritious than fresh cheese, and is therefore a good healthy food.

2. How should I store freeze-dried cheese?

Store in a cool, dry place in an air-tight container for up to six months.

3. Can freeze-dried cheese be used in cooking?

Yes you can! Just add cheese to hot dishes such as soups and casseroles to rehydrate it.

4. Does freeze-dried cheese taste like regular cheese?

And indeed, freeze-drying does preserve the original flavour of the cheese, sometimes even enhancing its taste.

5. Where can I find freeze-dried cheese?

You can order freeze-dried cheese online, or pick it up at a specialty foods market, or even find it in our local grocery’s snack aisle.

Still, finally, the verdict is the same: freeze-dried cheese is good food. It keeps well. It’s easily transportable and eminently useable. And it’s fun! I heartily recommend pitcheeses to anyone who enjoys the taste of cheese but wishes it didn’t smell so much, didn’t leak so fast and only came with one worm in it. It’s good, good, good food.

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