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Understanding Freeze Dried Food

Do you know what astronauts eat? You betcha: that’s the miracle-food, the stuff of legend, freeze dried. (Just one more tangent.) Are you curious what exactly is involved in freeze drying?

The Process of Freeze Drying

With freeze drying – wherein a high vacuum pumps water out of flash-frozen fresh foods (aka sublimation) – you can get very close to the colour, flavour and nutritive integrity of a food, while extending the life of that foodstuff for days… perhaps weeks. And why would you do that for breakfast?

Benefits of Freeze Dried Food

As they have most of their nutrients and a good shelf life (and a few drops of water mixed in, to make reconstituting them easy), even those on the move can eat healthily.

Why Freeze Dried Breakfast?

Convenience and Versatility

Say good cricket to the system of getting up each morning and breakfast for your children as freeze dried breakfast will give you a health life breakfast. You can go for yourself , the dash of the early morning breakfast, Now Is The Time For You. At the same time transporting is easy.

Nutritional Value

Freeze dried food doesn’t have to be (and isn’t) nutritionally compromised. A freeze dried product is as nutritious as its fresh counterpart and vitamins and minerals are retained; I will get nearly half of my nutrition in that first meal from a single, freeze-dried package.

Healthy Freeze Dried Breakfast Ideas

Protein-Packed Morning Meals

Crack egg, cook bacon. Freeze dried of course. Start your day with a protein charge and run all day on full power.

Fruity Kickstart to the Day

If you’re in the mood for a fruity breakfast, you can choose from freeze dried blueberries, strawberries, and other fruits. You can sprinkle them over your cereal or eat them by themselves.

Low Carb Breakfast Bowls

Hundreds of shelf-stable low-carb foods are freeze-dried: eat a bowl of freeze-dried avocado or spinach.

How to Incorporate Freeze Dried Breakfasts into Your Routine

Meal Planning with Freeze Dried Breakfast

So I can just pick my breakfasts for the week and there you go.’ All ours packed up, freeze dried.’

Customizing Your Freeze Dried Breakfast

Just add your favourite dry spice, or mix together several of them to create an ultra-gourmet dinner you’ll enjoy out of the freeze dried pouch. Freeze dried food sucks! Or the cod liver oil capsules in the same pouch – Cod liver oil sucks!!!

The Future of Freeze Dried Breakfasts

Freeze-dried breakfasts aren’t a fad. In the quest for more efficient, nutritious and sustainable food, they’re here for good.

Sustainability and Beyond

This is the key fact: food from the garbage bin enables sustainability. Freeze-drying is not used as a traditional preservation process but as a way to support a more sustainable lifestyle. As we move to a more sustainable way of living, freeze dried food will become a growing part of our diet.

So is it Truly Sustainable?

Saves timeHealthyPack sustainableAre you at lunch? It doesn't have to be lunch — just replace the meal you're looking at with our freeze dried breakfast.


Is the freeze dried food healthy?

Yes, the freeze dried food is healthy because most of the nutrients are kept.

Is lose weight food convection good for you?

Weight lose food via convection can help weight lose, but no alone, and you should maintain mean, eat regularity.Lose weight is bad, right? Is freeze dried good for weight loss? Freeze dried fruit and vegetables are good for weight loss as they form part of a healthy diet when eaten as part of a balanced approach to food.

For how many years is it kept?

It is shelf-stable for years, thus it keeps for years.

Can I make it at home?

The results of freeze drying can be achieved at home with suitable conditions, but the actual process requires specialized gear.

What are examples of freeze dried breakfast foods?

Some examples include freeze dried eggs, frozen bacon, fruits and even breakfast bowls.

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