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What is freeze drying?

Isn’t it curious that some varieties of fruit can be stored for months without shrinking in size, losing flavour or nutrition? The reason could be freeze drying, which removes moisture from food products by freezing and using vacuum pressure.

Benefits of freeze drying

Long shelf life: You can store these for months, sometimes even years!

Preserved nutrients: Maintains more nutrients than traditional drying methods.

Retains original flavor: Enjoy the same taste even after months.

Delving Into Coconut

Nutritional profile of coconut

After all, coconuts are high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals, too. Coconuts are a source of nutritious fats that are actually good for you. They are a natural form of quick energy and an all-natural energy booster that delivers instant energy and can even help to increase physical performance.

Why coconut in smoothies?

You need some coconut. Coconut = tropical flavour! = creamy texture! = adds healthy fat = will keep you fuller longer. You’re welcome. = great for health-nuts.

The Wonders of Freeze Dried Coconut

Advantages of using freeze dried coconut in smoothies

Consistent flavor year-round.

Lightweight and easy to store.

Less mess and waste compared to fresh coconuts.

How to freeze dry coconut at home

Slice the coconut into thin pieces.

Spread them on a tray ensuring none overlap.

Place in a freeze dryer machine and follow its instructions.

Healthy Snacks: Taking a Leap with Coconut

Recipes with freeze dried coconut

Got coconut energy balls yet? Coconut energy balls are made of freeze dried coconut, dates and nuts. Mix them up together in a blender. Form them into balls, and you’re done. That’s it!

Comparing freeze dried coconut with fresh coconut

To me, the delicious crunch and (yep) moisture of fresh coconut means everything. Freeze dried doesn’t compromise taste – nor does it compromise nutrients – but it definitely does compromise both convenience and storage.

Buying Guide: Freeze Dried Coconut

Top brands and where to buy

Tropical Haven: Known for their authentic taste and high quality.

Island Delight: Offers a range of coconut products, from chunks to shreds.

You can find these brands in health food stores or online marketplaces.

How to store and its shelf life

Store freeze dried coconut in a cool and dark place. Proper stored, should stay good for 2 years ( might be longer, too). Make sure that package is always tightly sealed to avoid moisture getting in.


So if you’re a smoothie devotee or simply a (healthier) animal who is ready for a shake up at the dinner table, freeze dried coconut could be the missing ingredient you’ve been looking for. That winter blast of coconut this side of the Equator simply adds up to a well-crafted vegan protein and B-vitamin shot in your mouth. Now the question is: can you get your hands on some, or will your taste buds take the rap? Next time you whiz up your smoothie, give your taste buds a freeze dried blast!


  • Is freeze dried coconut as nutritious as fresh coconut?

Yes, freeze drying preserves most of the nutrients, making it comparable to fresh coconut.

  • Can I use freeze dried coconut in recipes other than smoothies?

Absolutely! You can use it in baking, desserts, and even savory dishes.

  • Does freeze dried coconut need any preparation before adding to a smoothie?

No, just toss it into your blender and you're good to go.

  • Can I freeze dry coconut without a machine?

Although the machine gives the best results, you may take one using a freezer but it is not the same.

  • How much freeze dried coconut should I add to my smoothie?

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