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Ever had a craving to eat a dessert, and when you go to take a fistful is it cold or gone off? With a freeze dried sweet treat you’ll get the best of both worlds, a dessert that tastes just like it’s chilled counterpart, but one that will last forever.

Introduction to Freeze-Dried Desserts

The process of freeze-drying helped to propel snacking to where it is today, from freeze-dried ice cream to cheesecake bites, which can now be served anywhere without refrigeration.

History of Freeze Drying

Did you know? The ancient Incas used freeze-drying techniques, rudimentary versions of the processes employed today, for food preservation. Modern foodstuffs made by this method include many deserts – sweet treats for on the go.

The Process of Freeze Drying

Curious about how it's done? Let's dive deep!

The Science Behind It

At its essence, freeze-drying is, in fact, a dehydration process. First, the item – in this case, the dessert – is frozen solid; then it’s placed into a vacuum and, because the atoms of water are entrapped in ice, the water content vaporises directly from solid to gas. It never becomes a liquid.

Why it Works for Desserts

with desserts, flavours and textures are often very delicate; freeze drying preserves this, so a cheesecake will taste like cheesecake.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Desserts

Why are these so popular? Well...

Long Shelf Life

No more slamming against deadlines! These can last months, even years without succumbing to staleness.

Retention of Nutrients

Panishing about losing those fruity benefits? No need to go nuts. Freeze-drying saves most of the desserts’ nutrients.

Light Weight

Planning to backpack but don’t want to give up dessert? These are even easier to carry than airline peanuts.

Popular Freeze-Dried Dessert Options

Craving some? Let's explore!

Fruits and Berries

The natural sweetness of fruits such as strawberries or kiwi slices can retain twice as much potency when freeze-dried.

Cakes and Pastries

Sorry about this, but cakes are made in a similar way too. Crunchy sugar, sweet and nice!

How to Enjoy Them

Whether out of the bag or reconstituted with a splash of water – it’s up to you – it’s going to be delicious.

Factors to Consider When Buying

It counts: look for no-preservatives added extras and read up on flavour authenticity in reviews.

The Future of Freeze-Dried Desserts

As demand increases and technology improves, this is surely the tip of the iceberg — we could soon see a great deal more choice and quality. What next? Freeze-dried tiramisu?


Whether it’s about convenience or flavour preservation, the future of snacking is in freeze-dried desserts. The next time you’re craving your favourite sweet treat, reach for a pack instead.


Can I prepare freeze-dried desserts at home?

Although commercial operations apply freeze-drying techniques using specialised equipment (there are home kits available to the enthusiast) some foods can be sun-dried and preserved – bananas, for example.

Do they taste like regular desserts?

Absolutely! The essence and flavor remain intact, just with a different texture.

Are they healthy?

As with all luxuries, they must of course be taken in moderation. But they do, basically, contain all of the food, so more nutrient-rich than many other snack foods.

How long can they last?

How long they keep will depend on the product in question, how it’s stored, and how long it’s been unpurchased. Exactly 6 months to a few years.

Where can I buy them?

Most supermarkets, outdoor stores, and online platforms offer a variety of freeze-dried dessert options.

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