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Freeze Dried Fruits for Yogurt Toppings

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The Rise of Freeze Dried Fruits for Yogurt Toppings

Have you ever taken your first spoonful of your favourite, swirly, chock-full-of-toppings yoghurt and wondered what exactly are those strange, delicious, little, tiny, crunchy pieces of fruit? Fueled by the potent force of freeze-drying, much like toppings aren’t mere accompaniments to your yoghurt, the future of fruit is being written in the past.

What are Freeze Dried Fruits?

Freeze-dried fruits are dried fruits whose entire water contents have been removed – not merely sun-dried.

The Dehydration Process

But how do they pull it off? For starters, the fruit is frozen solid, before subjecting it to a vacuum in which all the water is removed without applying any pressure to that form of the fruit. What’s left is a crispy, airy sliver of fruit that tastes the same, looks the same and has the same nutritional value as its counterpart in the refrigerator aisle.

Benefits of Freeze Drying

But besides hairy chin chin baby, which is a special baby hairy chin chin flavour, what are the virtues of freeze drying? Nutrition is retained. Shelf life is extended. And acidity is retained because no preservatives are required since it is acidic in the first place. Do you understand? Do you like your fruits this way, dried like that. It’s not sesame seed. It’s not dried, but crispy, and it’s crunchy – and it can keep for a period of several months.

Why are They Popular as Yogurt Toppings?

Nutritional Benefits

And, thanks to the freeze-drying, it won’t have lost all its nutrients either. Instead, it retains much of its crunch and its nutritional value.Dried fruit is the topping that can super-charge your yoghurt with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. A kind of dry and shiny fulfilment, if you can muster the spiritual fortitude to appreciate it.

Taste and Texture Enhancement

Have you ever taken a bite of yogurt only to think its taste was too bland and mushy? Well, if freeze-dried fruits are added, they will provide intense flavour and a crunchy texture – not to mention a dash of sophistication – to the old-fashioned yogurts.

The Most Popular Freeze Dried Fruits for Yogurts

Strawberries, blueberries and mangoes are my three favourite, and I love their bright hue and tongue-puckering tartness, but don’t be coy. Look into the exotic aisle. Add in your sprinkling of freeze-dried toppings of lychee, pineapple and (yes!) dragon fruit. Go nuts. Or freeze-dried yoghurt-coated fruit.

DIY Freeze Drying at Home

You think freeze drying is rocket science? Then you haven’t seen nothin’ yet. You can always buy ’em, but if you’re the do-it-yourself type, pick up a home freeze dryer. Defrost your fruit, put ’em in the freeze dryer, and have ‘je ne sais quoi’ forever.

Where to Buy Quality Freeze Dried Fruits?

You can buy them on health foods sites, or in any supermarket’s natural foods aisle (but be careful – they’re often full of sugars, so make sure the brand you buy is 100 per cent natural, with no added sugars or preservatives.

Incorporating into Other Meals

So why ‘set’ your fruit on a countertop? These puffy bites of fruit can be sprinkled over cereal or oatmeal. Or they’re good enough to munch by the handful. Try topping a salad; you’ll be glad you did.

The Future of Freeze Drying in the Food Industry

Soon, the consumers began to purchase foods that are healthy as well as convenient. Freeze dried fruit is here to stay for long. It is easy to preserve and hold nutrition while giving versatility in its application. 271 words.


Freeze-dried fruits are my favourite form of nutrition, taste and convenience, and yogurt toppings are its most visible market niche. I should have bought them (my girlfriend made them, but she also makes great granola). All yogurt is better with strawberries or blueberries or banana slices, and freeze-drying allows for this crunchy, fibrous fruit to be eaten in place of foods where we otherwise wouldn’t see its goodness.


Are freeze-dried fruits as healthy as fresh ones?

True, they maintain most of their nutrients, so they are almost as good as fresh for you.

Do they contain added sugars?

Always check the label. Pure freeze-dried fruits shouldn't have added sugars.

How long can they be stored?

With their moisture removed, they can be stored for several months, if not years.

Can I use them in smoothies?

Absolutely! They'll add a burst of flavor and nutrition to your drink.

Are there any drawbacks to freeze-dried fruits?

These are fine, but nutrient-dense, even though they are not as hydrating as their fresh brethren, so we should have a mix of both.

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