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Freeze Dried Fruits in Energy Bars

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Introduction to Freeze Dried Fruits

Did you have a bite of an energy bar recently and were surprised to find a trove of fruit flavour when you bit into it? Chances are high you have recently tasted the magic of freeze-dried fruit. Preserving most flavours, colours and nutrients more or less unchanged, they are used, for example in energy bars.

The Process of Freeze Drying

What is Freeze Drying?

However freeze-drying also inhibits degradation since it literally sucks every drop of water out of the fruit (and then freezes it so quickly) and dramatically reduces the pressure whereupon the frozen water leaves by a phenomenon called sublimation, rendering the food intact and close to its original state. That’s why the food tastes so close to its original state – it is saved and not just dried out.

Benefits of the Freeze Drying Process

This process is known as freezing drying, and because the cellular integrity is largely intact, the fruit retains its colour, shape and texture – and its nutrition, since it’s not being heated (as it might be in some drying processes), so the nutrients aren’t destroyed in the process.

Incorporation in Energy Bars

The Growing Trend

Once again, as the health sector swings towards utilising naturally derived ingredients and minimal food additives, these freeze-dried fruits have become a common ingredient in most energy bars: not just because they are tasty but for their natural-occurring vitamins and minerals that your body needs to create energy.

Advantages of Using Freeze Dried Fruits

They’re good for energy bars because of their shelf‑life – bang for their weight in sweetness, soaking up water quickly, conferring the taste of fresh fruit without the water content that would promote mildew.

Types of Freeze Dried Fruits Used


Very good choices are strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, which are considerably more acidic than oranges or grapefruit, and rich in the antioxidants.

Tropical Fruits

Think mangoes, pineapples, and bananas. These add a sweet, tropical twist to energy bars.

Classic Favorites

Apples and grapes? At least I have some idea what they are. Contributor Cynthea Moore picked up most of these freeze dried fruits at MRE.comApples and grapes are nice. Kind of exciting even. Fruits! But apples and grapes are hardly it when it comes to freeze dried edible goods.

The Nutritional Punch

Retention of Nutrients

The biggest benefit of freeze drying is that fruit retains a staggering 90 per cent of their nutrients, so not only is that energy bar a flavour-filled energy boost, it’s also a nutritional lifesaver.

Taste and Texture

The resultant produce therefore ‘has better taste, the more the cooking is in abundance.. And moreover, the bars which are the body [of the fruit]… when they are fried crisp, fried crisp, they are crunchy.’ In other words, cooking the ‘natural’ foods in this manner made them more interesting, more pleasant to eat.

Comparing with Dehydration

How Dehydration Works

In the case of dehydration, the moisture is physically removed from the food. This is achieved through successively raising its temperature and then reducing airflow. Food dehydration is one of the oldest forms of preservation.

Dehydration vs. Freeze Drying:

Pros and Cons

However, less, it seems, and presumably the dehydration is also better for getting rid of weevils, as well as being more or less free, compared with going nuclear. Yet the drawback of dehydration is that more nutrients are destroyed in any case, and dried things that way don’t crunch between the teeth, but instead snap, then tend to chew into a bit of a sticky paste-in-the-mouth state: freeze dried fruits are crispy.

Making Your Own Energy Bars with Freeze Dried Fruits

Ingredients Needed

From oats to honey and of course, freeze dried fruits, the choices are endless.

Simple Recipe to Follow

Mix together, process, press it in a pan, refrigerate and you have yourself a little energy bar.

Market Trends and Popular Brands

Nowadays, many manufacturers of the so-called energy bars also use dehydrated fruit, so that whole fruit pieces give the bars a wonderful taste.


Energy bars are learning again the advantages of concentrated fresh fruit, and freeze-dried products are gaining in popularity. The flavour is intense, the nutritional advantage is high, and the clean crispness of the freeze-drying process companies neither sweetens nor toughens, as do dried fruit. Check the ingredients on the back of your next energy bar, and savour the shot of sweet-tart freeze-dried fruit within.


Why are freeze dried fruits preferred over fresh ones in energy bars?

Freeze dried fruits have a longer shelf life and retain most of their nutrients.

Do freeze dried fruits in energy bars add to the calorie count?

They add minimal calories but pack in nutrients and flavors.

Can I use any fruit for freeze drying?

Most fruits can be freeze dried, but some, like berries, yield better results.

How long do freeze dried fruits last?

They can last for years if stored correctly.

Is freeze drying better than dehydration?

After all, they both have their upsides; But freeze-dried retains most of its nutrients And the flavour is a subtle difference.

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