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The quest to find something that is not only perfectly well-judged but also utterly unique can be an exhausting experience when it comes to gift giving. But now there is one culinary creation that has emerged to provide an answer to this quandary. Freeze-Dried Toblerone Chocolate Cake is both the most delightful and the most surprising gift idea out there. If you want something that is sweet and innovative, you will be hard​-​pressed to find something that beats this. In this article I am going to unpick what makes FDTTC (as it is known in some circles) the gift of choice.

The Allure of Toblerone

Toblerone Chocolate: First of all, while we are on the topic, let us give homage to the star of the show. And without a doubt, that’s Toblerone. This iconic Swiss delicacy combines many different factors to offer the world one of the most popular chocolate bars of all time. Its triangular form gives it the appearance of a pyramid of flavour, and the mixture of milk chocolate, nougat and honey-almond is perfectly combined to give an explosion of taste that leaves a lasting flavour on your palate.

Almondy Toblerone Chocolate Cake | Shopee Malaysia

The Magic of Freeze-Drying

This is what freezedrying is: squeeze the moisture from food without squeezing out the taste and good stuff. Isn’t that magic? Take Toblerone chocolate cake. Let the freezedrying perform alchemy. It lifts the cake onto another plane of culinary experience. It turns delicious food into something to bring home as a gift.

The Pinnacle of Gifting

Exclusivity: Perhaps the first thing that suggests to us that a freeze-dried Toblerone chocolate cake is a very good present is that it is exclusive; this is no ordinary cake, but a highly unusual product, deserving of our attention and respect. As a present, it represents something new and impressive.


Where other edible gifts manage to survive only momentarily, cake is meant to last. In purchasing this item, I guarantee that the receiver will experience pleasure for years to come – it is an item that truly keeps on giving.


Another way that this freeze-dried wonder is so great is that it is perfect for any gift-giving occasion. Is it his birthday? Her anniversary? Or iced tea-flavoured astronaut food as a plain old ‘thank you’? It’s perfect for any occasion. An iced tea-flavoured fifth wedding anniversary dinner? Awesome. 2nd gift for grandma’s 90th birthday party? Just the thing. 150th birthday? Okay. Really 90th, we just like you so much we made you younger for your birthday. 91st? Well, that doesn’t sound too great now does it? You look exactly your age grandma. Gosh, well, you are 91.

The Symphony of Taste

Divinely tasteless: don’t you wonder if the freeze-drying somehow affects the flavour of the Toblerone chocolate cake? It doesn’t. This is how freeze-drying works its magic: the food taste is captured inside the freeze-dried product, while its moisture content is removed. A piece of the freeze-dried chocolate cake tastes just like the regular one.

Crunchy Euphoria:

Secondly, the freeze drying process allows you to add a rousting crunch to the cake that not only accentuates the wonders of consumption but transforms the entire experience into an event of the highest order.

A Gift for Every Occasion

Personalization: If you have an anniversary you want to celebrate, the birthday of a friend or the retirement of your mother’s boss, freeze-dried chocolate cake can in every sense suit an occasion. Add a few lines to the box or, if you’re so inclined, include other treats to create a customised gift basket that screams love.

Must Try, But... It's Up to You!!

Among all the possibilities of gift-giving, your chance hit on a sweet and delicious treasure. Freeze-Dried Toblerone Chocolate Cake, with its untouched taste, extended shelf life, the light crunchiness, will surely become your favorite gift. You will put a little magic into your celebration! The next time you are looking for a gift, think about Freeze-Dried Toblerone Chocolate Cake – this is a sweet and memorable gift, as unique as you and as magical as the taste!

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