Smallcakes Steele Creek

Welcome to Smallcakes Steele Creek: here, every day can feel like a special occasion because every day deserves dessert. Whether you’re craving gourmet cookies, cakes or something a little more indulgent, we’ve got you covered. Nothing beats a sugary escape.

4847 Shopton Rd Ste E Charlotte, NC 28278

Audrey's Specialty Cakes

At Audrey’s Specialty Cakes, cake customisation is not just a dessert – it’s a way of life. Come here to realise your sugar-coated aspirations in cake moulded to your liking. Tray bake or cupcakes? Yup. Pastillage or polymer clay toppers? Absolutely. Desserts, cupcakes, bar or sheet cakes, tiered cake, and decorated cookies? You bet. And that’s just for starters.

Charlotte, NC 28216

The Candy Factory

The Candy Factory is part time machine: a sugar-dusted ode to a simpler time, where candy goods meet antiques, toys and gifts.

15 N Main St Lexington, NC 27292

Harper and Skyler's Toys and Sweets

When your cupcake cravings hit and you need the most awesome toy around for your aspiring tactician, Harper and Skyler's Toys and Sweets has got you covered with its confectionery cum laude: this boutique local toy store is filled with treats for children that are nut-free, toys for all ages, and free wrapping services downtown and in the Northlake area of Charlotte.

4317B Park Rd Charlotte, NC 28209

Cotton Candy Factory

Enter in to the all-white, ultra-fluffy, sugary cotton. This is a frozen ­whipped candy cloud filled with 25 gourmet cotton candy flavours and 100 types of your favourite candies.

21 North Main St Belmont, NC 28012

James Sweet Spot

Every sugary step toward nirvana is a candy shop if the shop assumes the right name. James Sweet Spot is a colourful consolidation of Pixy Stix, Taffy, Whoppers, Bull’s-Eye Bars, Marathon Bars, Spearmint Leaves, Laffy Taffy, Rose Rock, Nerds, Smarties, Zotz, Toasted Cockles, Taffy Tacos, Spangles, Nut Goodies, Hershey’s Milk Duds, Spincandies, Fun Dip, Zots, Atomic Fire Balls, Now and Later, Caramello, Skybar, Double Bubble Gum, Chiclets, Pop Rocks, Mallow Cups, Chocolate Eclairs, Trouble Mouth, Oh Henry!, Charleston Chew, Red Pop, Tootsie Rolls and Pixy Stixs. It is a menagerie of peanut butter bars, dark chocolate twirlers and lionheart roosters. It’s a cornucopia of Toxic Waste and Zoots. It’s 134 jam-jars of Jewish penicillin and plus-one jars of Dr Moreau’s grub. And, if your venue lacks its own confectionary vortex, James Sweet Spot also licenses outside treats such as: Snickers, Mars, Butterfinger, Mounds, Almond Joy, Baby Ruth, Whatchamacallit and 3 Musketeers. ‘Dear God,’ I pray, my voice vibrates a higher octave, ‘let me beg at his door and find favour in his eyes.’ I enter.

133 West Ave Kannapolis, NC 28081

Dylan's Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar at the Charlotte airport is candy-lover’s Mecca. There’s almost nothing to do in the airport but pick up a pre-flight cookie.

5501 Josh Birmingham Pkwy Charlotte, NC 28208

Collier Candy

Get ready for the biggest candy kaleidoscope of all: because Anderson’s Collier Candy can satisfy the craving for practically any kind of candy. Make that three kinds of candy. Make that five, four, six, seven kinds of candy. This is where you’ll find the handcrafted, the old-timey, the weirdly-flavoured candy bar, and the vest-pocket classic, right side by side.

1115 N Brevard St Charlotte, NC 28206

Lulu's Sweet Shoppe

Although the fragrance of those candied nuts may lure you in the door, if it doesn’t it’s likely the display of candies and sodas will. Once inside Lulu’s Sweet Shoppe, your taste buds will have to narrow down the options.

246 N New Hope Rd Gastonia, NC 28054

The Candy Shoppe on Main

Do you remember how much you enjoyed going to the old-fashioned candy shop with your mother as a child? In The Candy Shoppe on Main, right downtown, we think we’ve come as close as possible to encapsulating that enjoyment in the offer of fudge, ice cream, and assorted other goodies in a relaxing ambience.

102 S Main St China Grove Nc, NC 28023

Candy's Sweets N Treats

Are you prepared for your sugar high? Candy’s Sweets N Treats stocks the biggest, sugariest cupcakes and assorted other goodies around.

1051 Oakland Ave Rock Hill, SC 29732

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