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Guide: Discover the Best Candy Stores in Chicago

Attention sugar enthusiasts, get ready for an adrenaline (or should I say, sugar rush) filled journey through the ultimate candy spots in the Windy City! Here’s a list of the best candy stores in Chicago where you can fill your pockets (or, um, your entire car) with sugary delights.

1. L & P Wholesale Candy

7047 S State St Chicago, IL 60637

Starting our sweet pilgrimage is L & P Wholesale Candy. Now, it may seem like an ordinary candy store from outside, but step inside, and it’s a wonderland of organized sweetness, with courteous employees serving you an assortment of candies. Sure, a few items might cost you a couple of extra bucks than at GFS, but hey, we're all in for a sweet splurge, aren't we?

2. It'Sugar Michigan Ave

717 N Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60611

It'Sugar is like Disneyland, but instead of roller coasters and mascots, you get candies, candies and, wait for it, more candies! From candy-filled toys to candy-themed merch, this place is a paradise for all candy lovers. Also, with a relaxed vibe, you can fill up those plastic bags with candy at your own sweet pace.

3. Albanese Confectionery

5441 E Lincoln Hwy Merrillville, IN 46410

Next on our list is Albanese Confectionery, the candy genius of Northwest Indiana. They proudly serve the 'World's Best Gummies' that are not only mouthwatering but also 100% made in the USA. So, gear up to chew on some gummy goodness.

4. IT'SUGAR Grand Ave

600 East Grand Ave SPACE FP-12 Chicago, IL 60611

Candy, candy everywhere, and all the bites to eat! Step into IT'SUGAR Grand Ave and feel like Charlie walking into Willy Wonka's factory. The store boasts a vast selection of candies, including exclusive IT'SUGAR pink & purple Nerd candy Funko pops.

5. Ferrara Candy Company

7301 Harrison St Forest Park, IL 60130

Busting out your favorites, Ferrara Candy Company offers Boston Baked Beans, Sour Cherries, and, of course, Lemon Heads. Plus, they've got Brach's candies too! Expect true outlet prices and top-notch service in this hidden gem of a candy outlet.

6. Stock N Save

4535 W Armitage Ave Chicago, IL 60639

Feeling overwhelmed by those massive wholesale clubs with their fancy membership requirements and limited flavor options? Fret not! Stock N Save is here to save your day (and your wallet)! And if you’re there, don’t forget to check out their deals on toilet paper and laundry detergent because, you know, #adulting.

7. Sugar Rush Candy Shop Now Open

415 E 71st Chicago, IL 60619

Sugar Rush is here to take you on a nostalgic ride with its assortment of old-time candies. So, hop on and let this sweet ride whisk you back to the good old days.

8. Greco Nut & Candy Outlets

7950 167th St Tinley Park, IL 60477

Who said nuts and candy can't be best friends? At Greco Nut & Candy Outlets, you'll find fresh and delicious nuts and candies side by side. The friendly staff will guide you as you browse and choose from their great selection, making your visit even more enjoyable.

9. Old Fashioned Candies

6210 Cermak Rd Berwyn, IL 60402

Craving for some chocolate-covered strawberries? Old Fashioned Candies is the place to be. With chocolates made on-site, the place offers some hard-to-find candies. Plus, their strawberries are so fresh and ripe that you need to consume them within a day of purchase – a perfect excuse to gobble them up without guilt!

10. Amy's Candy Bar

4704 N Damen Ave Chicago, IL 60625

Rounding off our list is Amy's Candy Bar which specializes in hand-crafted caramels, turtles and nougat. From hard-to-find nostalgic candies to a broad assortment of licorice from all over the world, it's a real treat for the taste buds.

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