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Guide: Discover the Best Candy Stores in San Antonio

Get ready, sugar lovers! Today, we're embarking on a sweet adventure through San Antonio, where you'll discover candy shops that'll give your taste buds a sugary high they won't forget. So, tighten your seatbelts (or maybe loosen them a bit for all the candy we're about to eat) and prepare for a delicious ride.

1. Alamo Candy

1149 W Hildebrand Ave San Antonio, TX 78201

Alamo Candy is where old-school cool meets contemporary sweetness. This is your go-to place for traditional favorites, authentic Mexican Candy, and glass bottle sodas. Looking for party favors? They've got you covered. Don't forget, their bulk items are wallet-friendly, making this a sweet deal in every sense of the word.

2. Lolli and Pops

15900 La Cantera Pkwy San Antonio, TX 78256

Visit Lolli and Pops, and you'll find charm at every turn. It's like Willy Wonka decided to open a boutique, stocking everything from unique candies to delectable gummy bears (just be wary, they might put up a bit of a fight when you chew). Oh, and did I mention it's cute? Because it's really cute.

3. It'Sugar

7400 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78216

If size matters to you when it comes to candy, you need to visit It'Sugar. With candies that weigh by the pound, oversized delights, sushi and pizza candies (talk about dinner and dessert!), and the adorable plush Yummy World Food, this place will make you feel like a kid in a, well, candy store.

4. Mason’s Candy

503 Avenue A Ste 1116 San Antonio, TX 78205

Mason's Candy is like the sweetest hug you've ever received. Tucked away near the Pearl's Farmer's Market, this quaint little store is bursting with treats that'll satisfy any sweet tooth. The shopkeeper's as sweet as the candy, so you'll leave with a full bag and a warm heart.

5. CandyVerse

849 E Commerce St San Antonio, TX 78205

In the CandyVerse, everything revolves around sugar, sweetness, and all things tasty. The man at the register is so cool, he might be cooler than your candy. And you know what? You'll keep coming back for more.

6. Candy Cottage

14011 Ranch Rd 12 Wimberley, TX 78676

Candy Cottage is the candy and ice cream paradise you've been dreaming of. With an amazing selection and super friendly staff, you'll be spoilt for choice. Seriously, if you're in a candy mood, this place should be your first stop.

7. Popcorn Piccadilly

15069 Interstate 35 Frontage Rd Ste 206 Selma, TX 78154

Welcome to the world of Popcorn Piccadilly. It's not just a candy store; it's also a popcorn haven, a chocolate shop, and a soft drinks spot. Whether you're craving savory popcorn, old-fashioned candy, or nostalgic soda, this place has you covered.

8. Casa Dulce Dulceria

6900 San Pedro Ave San Antonio, TX 78216

At Casa Dulce Dulceria, you'll discover an impressive range of Mexican candy. From assorted candy to lollipops and spicy candy, this store has it all. The cherry on top? Their ice cream and their commitment to your safety. They'll check your temperature at the door, making sure everyone can enjoy their treats worry-free.

9. La Dulceria

1512 Basse Rd San Antonio, TX 78213

Looking for a slice of candy authenticity? Then La Dulceria is the place for you. With a large selection of Mexican candies, chamoy, and even home decor, it's an experience that's not to be missed.

10. See's Candies Seasonal Pop Up Shop

22710 US Hwy 281 N Ste 104 Village at Stone Oak San Antonio, TX 78258

Rounding out our list is the See's Candies Seasonal Pop Up Shop. It's not just the candies that'll make you feel special here, it's the outstanding customer service. Not familiar with their almond royal candy? Don't worry, their knowledgeable staff will ensure you leave with something new and delicious.

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