Welcome to sweet Leeds! Strap in for a trip to the city's sugary hotspots, an exploration of the tastes that'll take you back to childhood, taunt your taste buds, and have your dentist audibly sigh. So grab your insulin and let's rock and roll!

Brown's Famous Sweet Shop

Stall M Market Hall Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HH United Kingdom

At number one is Brown’s Famous Sweet Shop: a haven for sugar-seeking students, more real than a unicorn peeing on a pot of gold. Boasting mega slabs of chocolate and single bars varying from massive to enormous, a ready-packaged sweet stands as well as boxed chocolates that are designed for the ‘OH FUCK AM I LATE FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY?’ situation. We also have their celebrated five for £1 crisps deal. Trust us when you say your mouth will water and singing will come out of your wallet.

The Traditional Sweet Shop

3 New Market Otley LS21 3AE United Kingdom

In the centre of Otley you’ll find the The Traditional Sweet Shop. If you feel you’ve forgotten all your favourite childhood sweets, this shop will help you to remember. However, you may well lose the rest of your memory once you’ve tried their handmade cream and butter fudge.


Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HH United Kingdom

Mowers. How evocative of musty, stuffy village shoppedness, a venerable enough product it might as well be licensed to carry a sign: sugar rush, this way! With its bales of Bonboneros and chalets complete with every vintage kids’ character you can think of – and which thought to include some modern wonders such as multi-flavoured Millions – to its rock sweets reappropriated here as fruit rock, it was hard to decide where to go first.

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop

50 Albion Street Leeds LS1 6AD United Kingdom

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe combines modern sweets of today with the sweeties of yesteryear. Fudges, nougat, sweeties, sherbet, liquorice, chocolates and more, in surroundings fit for roaming through a blast from the past.

Bobby Sweet Centre

156-158 Roundhay Road Leeds LS8 5LJ United Kingdom

As prefaces go, few are as down-to-earth as the Bobby Sweet Centre. And what a preface. The Bobby Sweet Centre isn’t just a place where you’ll buy sweets. The Bobby Sweet Centre is a place where you’ll buy stories. The Bobby Sweet Centre is — to invoke that corporate buzzword — a place with heart. The Bobby Sweet Centre is a place that feels like a warm home — the home of three brothers, to be exact. These brothers were in the men’s together, and have run the shop for more than 35 years; its samples of traditional sweets and savouries are global in scope but unique in their use of flavour. They are best known for a ball of sugar, ground-up nuts, cardamom powder and ghee called Ladoo. And it is true that the Bobby Sweet Centre is a place you will visit over and over, always red-faced with the need to return.

The Candyman

1 Albion Street Morley Leeds LS27 8DT United Kingdom

Then The Candyman: ‘A one-stop shop for all you sweet-toothed, stationery-loving people, yêsss’ – sorry? – ‘Tobacco, sweets, biscuits, juice, fizzy drinks, newspapers, pens, pencils, paper, ornaments, Xmas decorations… I love it #cherrymixshop’ As far as I can work out, this is simply a place that sells everything.

Sweet Treat


Sweet Treat is a sweet shop, to be sure, but more an eternal sweet heaven. Here you’ll find more than all the sweets you can remember from your childhood. You enter this remarkable place on a tour of that eternal past!

Moore's Allsort's

Market Hall Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HH United Kingdom

Moore’s Allsorts is not just traditional, in the sense of adhering to the particular path trod before, it’s delightfully conventional in its execution: it’s the sleeves, the schoolmarmish attire, the air of business as usual – it’s a sweets shop that has itself in its sights, not traditions. It doesn’t merely pay tribute to ‘tea rooms, bakeries and sweet shops’, it is those things.

Kirkgate Leeds

LS1 United Kingdom City Centre, Shopping Quarter

Last but not least, the Milkshake Cart is Leeds’ answer to the chocolate bar shakes craze that is sweeping the world right now. You won’t be shakin’ your head when you see this trend!

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