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Guide: Discover the Best Candy Stores in Leeds

Get ready for a sugar-coated expedition through Leeds' sweetest spots. This is a journey that'll whisk you away to memory lane, tease your taste buds, and make your dentist shake their head in despair. So, grab your insulin and let's rock and roll!

Brown's Famous Sweet Shop

[Stall M Market Hall Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HH United Kingdom]

First on our list is Brown's Famous Sweet Shop, a place that's more legendary than a unicorn riding a rainbow. This is the one-stop shop for a sugar high, boasting chocolate bars of various sizes, a pre-packed sweetie selection, and boxes of chocolates perfect for those 'oops I forgot your birthday' moments. Plus, they've got a five for £1 crisps deal that'll leave you drooling and your wallet singing.

The Traditional Sweet Shop

[3 New Market Otley LS21 3AE United Kingdom]

Nestled in the heart of Otley, we have the The Traditional Sweet Shop. If you thought you forgot your childhood favourite sweets, this shop will help you remember. But beware! Their handmade cream and butter fudge is so addictive, it might just make you forget everything else.


[Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HH United Kingdom]

Ah, Mowers. A place so quaint, it might as well have a sign saying "sugar rush, this way". This nostalgic gem offers all the old-school favourites, right up to modern wonders like multiple-flavoured Millions. And their fruit rock? Pure bliss!

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop

[50 Albion Street Leeds LS1 6AD United Kingdom]

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop is where modern day sweets and olden day treats unite. Expect to find an array of fudge, nougat, sweeties, sherbet, liquorice, chocolates and much more. All that in a setting that screams "blast from the past".

Bobby Sweet Centre

[156-158 Roundhay Road Leeds LS8 5LJ United Kingdom]

The Bobby Sweet Centre is a place where you don't just get sweets, you get stories. Run by three brothers for over 35 years, the shop is a treasure trove of traditional sweets and savoury delights. They are most renowned for their Ladoo, a ball of sugar, ground-up nuts, cardamom powder and ghee, that will leave you coming back for more.

The Candyman

[1 Albion Street Morley Leeds LS27 8DT United Kingdom]

Next, we have The Candyman, a one-stop shop for anyone with a sweet tooth and a penchant for stationery. Yes, you read that right. Here, you can get everything from tobacco products, sweets, biscuits, juice, fizzy drinks, newspapers and even random ornaments. And Christmas decorations. In case you're into that in May.

Sweet Treat

[UNIT 4 KIRKGATE ARCADE OTLEY Leeds LS21 3EA United Kingdom]

Sweet Treat isn't just a sweet shop, it's a sweet heaven. You'll find every sweet you can possibly remember from your childhood, and then some. Prepare to be sent on a nostalgia trip with every visit!

Moore's Allsort's

[Market Hall Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HH United Kingdom]

There's something delightfully traditional about Moore's Allsorts. It's not just about the sweets, it's about the charm, the nostalgia and the authenticity. This is a sweet shop that doesn't just nod to traditions, it carries them on.

Milkshake Cart

[Kirkgate Leeds LS1 United Kingdom City Centre, Shopping Quarter]

Last but not least, the Milkshake Cart is Leeds' answer to the worldwide chocolate bar shakes craze. Trust us, this is a trend you'll be shaking with excitement for!

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