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Guide: Discover the Best Candy Stores in Leeds

Hey there, chap. Time to take a tour through the sweet hotspots of Leeds – the tastes that’ll take you back to your childhood, get your taste buds all messed-up and nice, and have your dentist emit a stage-whispered groan of ‘Again?!’ So charge your insulin like a battalion of inexhaustible nuns and let’s roll.

Brown's Famous Sweet Shop

Stall M Market Hall Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HH United Kingdom

Number one: Brown’s Famous Sweet Shop: a sugary paradise for any student, more real than a unicorn that pisses on a pot of gold. Five pound mega slabs of chocolate, individual bars going from big to ginormous. The treat you’re ready to wrap. Boxed chocolates are ready for those “OH FUCK AM I LATE FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY” kind of days. Not to forget their famous five quid for crisps deal, your mouth will be watering and you will start singing your money away.

The Traditional Sweet Shop

3 New Market Otley LS21 3AE United Kingdom

In the middle of Otley is The Traditional Sweet Shop. If you have forgotten your favourite childhood sweets, it will jog your memory. You’ll probably also lose the rest of your memory, however, once you have tasted their fudge made by hand with cream and butter.


Kirkgate Market Leeds LS2 7HH United Kingdom

Mowers. How homely, how shut-of-the-village-shop-ish, an older product, and sure as hell licensed to carry: sugar boom, this way! With its little mountain ranges of Bonboneros and snowy chalets of every vintage in kids’ characters – and with the marketers’ thoughtfulness to bring us up to speed, with fruit rock among other modern wonders such as multi-flavoured Millions – it was hard to know where to start.

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shop

50 Albion Street Leeds LS1 6AD United Kingdom

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe stock the traditional sweets of yesteryear alongside modern sweets of today, Fudges, Nougat, Sweeties, Sherbet, Liquorice, Chocolates.. in wonderful surroundings that take you back to delving in sweet shops of old.

Bobby Sweet Centre

156-158 Roundhay Road Leeds LS8 5LJ United Kingdom

Few prefaces are as earthy as the one above. And what a preface. The Bobby Sweet Centre is not a place where you will buy sweets; The Bobby Sweet Centre is a place where you will buy stories;The Bobby Sweet Centre is a place with heart;The Bobby Sweet Centre is a place that feels like home — the home of three brothers, actually;The brothers, or trio, were in the men’s together and have been running the shop for more than 35 years;The samples of traditional sweets and savouries — global in scope yet

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