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The snack industry is constantly experimenting with new flavours and new textures and, because consumers want sweets and use the convenience of snacks in equal measure, the snack industry finds itself mining a rapidly growing industry. The next step in modern snack innovation is the emerging arena of dehydrated candies. The modern snack that’s capturing the imagination right now happens to be a freeze-dried Coca Cola bottle. Let’s unwrap the appeal and the science behind this new snack.

What are Freeze-Dried Cola Bottles?

These aren’t the gummy cola candies you’ve become used to enjoying. Freeze-dried Coca Cola bottles are the snack you didn’t know you needed. A bite into a freeze-dried cola will take your taste buds on a roller coaster ride of the sugary deliciousness of Coca Cola combined with the crispy, airy texture of freeze-dried snacks. At first glance, it seems like another bottle-shaped cola gummy, but it’s much more than that: it’s one of the rare products marrying the taste and texture that seem to be forever apart.

The Freeze-Drying Process

The technology responsible for turning freeze-dried Coca Cola bottles into the chewy deliciousness we know is something called freeze-drying or lyophilisation, here’s a brief peek:

Freezing: The cola is first poured into molds resembling mini bottles and frozen solid.

Vacuum: Leading the frozen cola bottles into a low-pressure chamber, at this point there will be no water remaining, since all the ice has evaporated and turned to vapour. The bottles will now contain water vapour We’ve already seen that in Zagreb, there are places where firewater flows freely.

Drying: Once it’s all sublimated, we add a little heat to remove the remaining water molecules from the cola sugar mixture. Now the candy is good and dry!

The Allure of the Crunch

You will also therefore want to ask ‘So why bother to pickle the flavour of cola by freeze-drying a cola bottle in the first place?’ The answer is twofold: flavour and texture. Indeed, one of the primary reasons for freeze-drying any food item is to ensure that the organic flavours of the snack have been simultaneously frozen and intensified to a true and extraordinary level. Here, the predominant flavour of cola is enhanced and extrapolated into a unique crunch that allows for a vibrant new way to experience a well-loved flavour.

Why Are They Gaining Popularity?

A Novelty in the Candy World

They could easily have produced another gummy candy, chocolate, pouch or wrapped sweet, but instead they have created the freeze-dried Coca Cola bottle as a Coke inspired food product. Candy lovers can appreciate this candy for the truly unique texture and flavour profiles of the bottles. It’s no wonder snack lovers around the world were discussing the Coca Cola gummy candy on twitter.

Health and Nutritional Benefits

Freeze-drying snacks can be sold as health food because there is hardly any microbial activity left. If you remove the water, there is no microbial activity, and nothing has to be added to stop the microbes being there. Candies are famous for the number of preservatives that have to be added in order to stop them growing flee-bitten and two-week-old on the back of a sweet and cuddly bear. By contrast, freeze-dried cola bottles, although not health food, are somewhat less corrupted.


Photo by Getty freezing. Photo by Getty The way I see it, the introduction of freeze-dried Coca Cola bottle is proof that even the most archaic foods can undergo a radical remodelling into something enticing and new. Its growing mainstream success might also say a lot about how food tastes are shifting. Are You A Coolade-lover Wanna Try Something New? These Dehydrated Candies Will Rock Your World! And The Next Time Some Friends Tap On Your Shoulder And Ask: ‘Hey! Have You Tried, what Is this?’ You Can Say With Pride: ‘Oh! Got It! It’s A Dried Coca Cola Candies….And They Are Yummy!!!’ As more and more snacks are slated for a makeover by the food scientists, one can only imagine how tasty things might turn out to be in the future.

Freeze Dried Cola Bottles

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