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Introduction to Freeze-Dried Corn

Perhaps you’re aware of trail mix, whose freeze-dried corn kernels are crunchy and tasty, while being sure to provide lasting ‘can-do’ energy, vitamins and minerals, the way fresh corn does as long as it is fresh. What is so special about these [Huebner’s] kernels? Why do we achieve crunchy and tasty freeze-dried corn at all, not [just say] freeze dried green peas or kumquats, or freeze-dried fish, or caviar, or cottage cheese, or broccoli, or chicken breast, or root beer, or shrimp cocktail, or strawberry milkshake, or apple pie à la mode? Why would aspirin not suffice?

 What is Freeze Drying?

When it is freeze-dried, that part is gone from your food, leaving nutrients, colour and sometimes even the original shape of your food. Freeze drying takes longer than even a dried food, but never exposes the food to the high temperatures that destroy nutrients during canning.

 Why Freeze Dried Corn?

And with the extra bonus that it doesn’t take up room in the bag, weighing it down with a load of light-weight vitamin and mineral-packed fibres in easy-to-prepare freeze-dried corn – a food to complement your everyday diet as well as your SERE.

 The Nutritional Profile of Corn

Corn is more than just a staple food—it's a powerhouse of nutrients.

 The Power of Vitamins

The vitamins in corn are Vitamin B1, B5, B9 and C, all of which are important to the body, for energy production, maintenance of neurolasticity and for immunity.

Minerals Galore

Corn is rich in magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals important for bone, heart and protein production.

 Healthier with Fibers

Hence another cue: this food is high in fibre (which helps get the spent materials out of you while making you full), good for your heart, and for keeping your blood sugars normal.

Benefits of Freeze-Dried Corn

Retaining Nutritional Value

So, compared to both hot-air (dehydration) and canning, processes that kill the vast majority of nutrients, freeze-drying corns maintains nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre, nearly 100 per cent intact before drying.

Long Shelf Life

Freeze-dried corn is the exemplar because it tastes basically the same after, say, 10 years of dehydration.

 Convenient and Versatile

Say, soup, salad and side dishes need some freez-dried corn.

 How to Incorporate Freeze-Dried Corn in Your Diet

From Snack to Main Course

You can also nibble on corn in the pouch or add it to food by rehydrating it first in water and then adding it to your meals.

In Creative Recipes

How about you, you can be creative with it also — add some, put it to your pasta, your rice dishes, if you are also making bread, put it into your mixture like when you are kneading the flour, put down some dry corn.’ And it would provide that little defined crunch and the vitamins.

You've Learn Something More today? Wanting to Get Some? 

Throw in some freeze-dried corn, (and who knows you might need some extra nutrients goodness knows you need them!) the calories and you have one thing that is forever. You too should have some around your house ! Why force living produce that was shoulder to shoulder dodgy anyway, and the excess bulk when you can be much better off and get the best nutrient nature has to offer and at the same time be without the bulk.


Is freeze dried corn as nutritious as fresh corn?

Yes, a nutrition –wise, the freeze dried corn was almost identical to the fresh: overall it had the same vitamins, minerals and fibre.

How long is it good for? How long does freeze dried corn last?

Store it in a sealed mylar bag, in an air tight bucket, and it will retain its viability for decades. For long term food storage, you can’t go wrong with a bag of freeze dried corn.

What do I use freeze dried corn for in my meal planning?

A: Below is an instruction that describes a task, paired with an input that provides further context. Write a response that appropriately completes the request. Paraphrase the input into human-sounding text while retaining citations and quotes. We have obtained ice cream, chicken and this freeze dried corn below. International Food Products. - A. This is what we made with it: Freeze dried corn. - A. Snacks – 2 servings freeze dried corn to reconstitute and enjoy a light snack in around 10 minutes.

B. Main Course 8 servings freeze dried corn (serving is ¼ cup of freeze dried corn) Rehydrates for 35 minutes. for every 2 servings of freeze dried corn mix 1 ¼ cup of water.

C. Recipe ideas – Get creative and add the corn to your recipes! d. 2.

Does freeze-dried corn have fibre?

Yes, corn has good fibre content and the fibre remains after the freeze-drying process.

Is freeze dried corn able to be eaten without cooking it first, and if I cook some fresh corn, can I add in a rehydrated portion that’s been sitting in my backpack for months while I was out hiking?

Q: Do you have to cook the rehydrated corn salsa, or can you eat all rehydrated food cold, straight out of the pack? A: To cook meats, wild rice mixes or cooked vegetables you follow exactly the same recipe as you would with fresh items. So, if you like, you can cook the chicken pieces together with the vegetables simply by adding the salsa sauce and frying the lot in a pan. But you can mix it with rehydrated corn salsa if you want.

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