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Plum Pieces for a Juicy Salad Surprise

Introduction to the Plum Magic

Have you been feeding yourself lettuce and cucumber and tomato salad, and every so often you think you’re biting into a cucumber, or maybe a tomato, but it turns out to be…a plum? A plum, like the fruit we have in summer, can find their way into a salad. Plums are very nice – tart and sweet, but basically very, very low in calories. So if you’re, you know, trying to find a boost in your salad to help you not fatball it, plums are the way to go.

The Nutritional Powerhouse: Plum

You probably know all about the lovely sugars found in every juicy plum, but did you know that plums also contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, which might just make you a healthier person in one fat, round loveliness of a stone-flesh, all its own amber glory? The vitamin C improves your immunity, and you know what else? The dietary fibre in plums has a hell of a good time with your colon. Now you really know why Mom had you eating plums – she wanted you to have that golden look, didn’t she?

Why Add Plums to Your Salad?

Huh. Why not then? Plums have vitamins, yes, but more than that, they are a splash of colour and a tart of flavour that is almost impossible to replicate. Sweet or sour and sometimes both, zippy, plums lift your salad to another plane.

The Art of Using Plums in Salads

You might be thinking, fresh or freeze-dried? Let’s explore.

Fresh vs. Freeze Dried

If fresh plums are chew, freeze-dried plums are flavour, a plum bubble of pure plum juice.

Benefits of Freeze Drying Plums

Freeze-drying preserves the nutrient content of food and, while it requires expensive equipment, plums stored in airtight containers should last a long time, thus preserving them as a pantry ingredient.

Dehydration vs. Freeze Drying

The removal of moisture is similar for each practice, but freeze-drying requires heat to vaporise the water, which can evaporate nutrients. Freeze drying preserves almost all nutrients.

Crafting the Perfect Plum Salad

Ready to dive in? Let’s get mixing!

Ingredients You’ll Need

Fresh or freeze-dried plums

Mixed salad greens

Feta cheese

Toasted almonds

Your favorite dressing

Step-by-Step Guide

Start by slicing your plums.

Toss them in with your salad greens.

Sprinkle feta and almonds.

Drizzle with dressing.

Serve and enjoy!

Tips to Enhance Your Plum Salad

Plums are versatile. Here are some ways to elevate your dish.

Plum Pairings: Best Ingredients to Combine

Plums are happy with goat cheese and walnuts. And grilled chicken, too. Go wild!

Storing and Serving Your Salad

SALAD FRESH ALL THE WAY Just fresh, Let it cool off & serve right away.

Varieties of Plums: Picking the Right One

Some are plum red, others green and even purple. Some are sweeter than others. Taste before you toss! Think beyond cherries.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

Simply drop a few plums into your salad and dinner’s done.Fresh? Dry? These no-name gems are both nourishing and delicious. What other fruit goes so well with almost anything on the plate as the humble plum? When you need colour, substance and the warm energies of the sun, think about the plum.


Can I use any type of plum in my salad?

Absolutely! It's all about your personal preference.

How do I choose the best plums for my salad?

Look for firm, but slightly soft plums that are rich in color.

Can I replace the almonds with another nut?

Of course. Walnuts or pecans can be great substitutes.

How long can I store my plum salad?

Eat within a day, though it will keep longer if using freeze-dried plums (prunes).

Is there a difference in nutritional value between fresh and freeze dried plums?

In other words, there is almost no change in the water content of the plum in the process of turning it into freeze dried plum, which means that almost all of that nutrient goodness made it to the bowl. Sure, the fresh plum will be slightly higher in terms of water content than the freeze dried plum, but that is about all. Most of the vitamins and minerals will still be there.

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