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Tasty and Crunchy Freeze-Dried Airheads

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Is there a day you’ve ever walked a lot and wanted your Airheads [candy] to melt inside your mouth but still kept that yummy unique taste of an Airheads chocolate bar but freeze dried, same unique taste as Airheads Extreme candy except it’s crunchy and not that waxy and a million times better.

History of Airheads Candy


Several years ago, Airheads was released. It’s the same brand name and gooey, little-bite texture as the flagship product, but a much more intense fruity flavour. Then they amped things up to 11 with freeze-dried Airheads. For intrepid candy fiends.

What are Freeze-Dried Airheads?

The Process of Freeze Drying

Drying it of its moisture is a type of dehydration: the popcorn is freeze dried, or lyophilised, water literally sublimated out of the candy, the landbærekroghildirol, or candy, unscathed, its taste more or less the same as when it was made. That popcorn was unreal, though that it was, like, half my body weight had its own effect on how I chewed and wolfed it.

Benefits of Freeze-Drying

But because the flavour (and nutrients) have been preserved in stasis through the process of freeze-drying, freeze-dried Airheads are excellent space-minimising, lightweight and yummy nibbles.

Taste Profile of Freeze-Dried Airheads

Just taste one of these freeze-dried Airheads, and you’ll know what I mean: you’ll get the fruitiness your taste buds are craving, but the taste blasts and amplify and become more amazing because of the process of the freeze-drying.

Crunch Factor in Freeze-Dried Airheads

What’s unique about freeze-dried Airheads, though, is that when you bite into them, you get to experience crunch. You like having that airy, flaky thing where, once you break through, explosions of fruity, candy dust cough up all over your mouth? Then you go for the crunchy texture.

Comparing Freeze-Dried Airheads and Regular Airheads

Taste Comparison

The regular Airheads have a great taste but they are also soft and chewy. It is soft because of moisture. However, freeze dried-Airheads are also soft with which makes it super chewy, but with its flavour it is concentrate because it took out the moisture so its the main office. In conclusion, the next time I want a quick snack that makes me taste buds want to try again I will go with the freeze-dried-Airheads because it is a satisfying taste that pasts my tongue in to an explosion.

Texture Comparison

Making the hands-off distinction is easy. Store-bought Airheads are chewy – freeze-dried Airheads are crispy. Each confetti shell offers a slightly different bite.

Health Aspects

We don’t really want to call freeze-dried Airheads a ‘health food’ because the ‘food’ is no more conducive to good health than is candy, but the freeze-drying itself locks in the candy’s nutritional profile – people get the exact same amount of energy from eating freeze-dried candy as they do from eating fresh candy. It just has a new (awesome!) texture.

Enjoying Freeze-Dried Airheads

Just like the original, you don’t have to be a crewmember on the ISS to enjoy it: eat your Space Food Airheads at the movies, while you study for your finals, on a hike down a trail, or just sitting at home.

How to Store Freeze-Dried Airheads

Simply store your freeze-dried Airheads in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, and they’ll still be crisp whenever the apocalypse comes.

Buying Freeze-Dried Airheads

Airheads freeze-dried bars are now available in stores and online; next time you are buying a gift, go online to order a box of them. In the meantime, freeze the bars so that they can reabsorb moisture and taste just like the fresh product; at home, store them in an airtight bag so that they don’t dry out.

DIY Freeze-Drying at Home

You can even freeze-dry Airheads in your own home, although home-y, it does require a freeze dryer (and, we presume, Airheads candy).

The Final Word

These freeze-dried Airheads have an improved flavour, a bigger olfactonce, and a splendid crunch. Then there’s a joy factor that will never be replicable.


1. Are freeze-dried Airheads safe to eat?

Yes, and this is not a problem since the candies are still quite edible, and the freeze-drying process is absolutely safe.

2. Do freeze-dried Airheads have the same nutritional value as regular Airheads?

Yes, freeze-drying retains the original nutritional content of the candy.

3. Where can I buy freeze-dried Airheads?

Freeze-dried Airheads can be bought online or in stores where confectionery items are sold.

4. How long do freeze-dried Airheads last?

Kept properly, after all, a stash of freeze-dried Airheads can sustain you until you die. All this is true.

5. Can I make freeze-dried Airheads at home?

Yes, you too can make freeze-dried Airheads (if you have a lab with a freeze dryer, and know how to operate it).

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