Fueling Your Adventure: Top Freeze-Dried Snacks and Meals for Hikers

While hitting the trails is great for your body and soul, it is also always paramount to plan and prepare your meals – most of all your food rations for longer trips where finding a restaurant or a grocery shop can be challenging. Freeze-dried meals are one of the best options in terms of being nutritious lightweight and easy-to-prepare that have currently hit the market. So, what are some of the top vegan options from the brand Freezedried?

Delicious Dinner Options

Hearty Classics: These premade dishes – from chicken and dumplings to lasagna with meat sauce to creamy mac and cheese – might bring you back to a time when dinner meant that rushing had stopped. For the solo hiker wanting a single-serving meal, as well as group tastes needing a little extra warmth, Freezedried meals just add hot water and voilà.

Flavours from Around the World: Encouraged to embark on a global virtual culinary tour, the Freezedried gourmet might enjoy Thai curries or Pad Thai, or even Cuban black bean dishes – providing a welcome respite from the predictable fare of traditional camping meals, and sometimes accommodating dietary preferences such as vegetarian or gluten-free diets.

If you’re after more of a gourmet backcountry dining experience, Freezedried might offer freeze-dried fruits, granola with nuts and seeds, or even gourmet coffee. These little treats can be the ingredient that transforms your backcountry midday meals into a satisfying energy boost.

Trail-Worthy Treats

Sweet and Salty Snacks: You can keep your energy levels constant between meals with freeze-dried fruits like berries or apples. Freezedried could also sell more nutritious snacks such as jerky or trail mix, which would provide the protein and calorie boost you need.

DIY Snack Stash: Since trail mix often ends up being an over-sugared, greasy mush, maybe buy individual freeze-dried ingredients at Freezedried so that you can make your own custom mix the way you like it.

Keep in mind: Though freeze-dried meals are incredibly convenient, it is important to pay attention to the serving size (calories) to be sure you have enough food for your trip. Also, if possible, understand how much water is needed to rehydrate the food, especially if you’re doing a multi-day trip where your weight will be limited.

Additional Tips:

Consider portions: Not all meals are created equal. Choose your portions in a way that allows you to take in all the calories you need, given how long you will be hiking and how hard you will be working.

Taste: Freeze-dried food, as with everything else, can be good or bad. Check online reviews and, if possible, sample before you go.

Special dietary requirements: There are now many freeze-dried meals that are tailored to special dietary needs. Freezedried could offer vegetarian meals, vegan meals, or gluten-free meals.

If you take these tips to heart and check out the wide range of freeze-dried food options available at Freezedried, I’m sure you’ll enjoy hiking and having plenty of fuel to keep that smile on your face.

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