Introduction to Sugar Daddy Lollipop

The Sugar Daddy lollipop has long held a place on America’s candy shelf, offering its caramel sweetness and longevity to consumers for more than a century. But, how did it come to be?

The Origin of Sugar Daddy Lollipop

Early Beginnings

What would eventually become known as the Sugar Daddy lollipop was first made in 1925 by Robert Welch, a confectioner who produced a caramel lollipop that he called the ‘Papa Sucker’. This sweet caramel treat was a rich-tasting, slow-melting lollipop.

The Name Change

However, by 1932, Welch chose to rename his piece, looking for something that would better play to the public’s sensibilities. The Papa Sucker of the 1920s became the ‘Sugar Daddy’, a term from the Jazz Age that was used to describe a wealthy man.Sugar Daddy Lolli Pop 48ct Small

What Makes Sugar Daddy Lollipops Stand Out

Unique Recipe

One of the most defining features that makes Sugar Daddy lollipops differ from others is the fact that they have a special recipe. Sugar Daddy is made mainly with sugar, corn syrup, and skim milk, which contains a caramel flavour that is sweet and creamy.

Long-Lasting Sweetness

In addition to its extraordinary flavour, a Sugar Daddy lollipop is also uniquely enduring: Its slow-melting caramel has a significantly longer-lasting taste than most lollipops, creating a longer-lasting experience for the consumer.

The Evolution of Sugar Daddy Lollipop

From Classic to Giant Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy lollipops grew up (not in size, but the flavours did too). The full-sized Sugar Daddy was so popular, they created a larger Sugar Daddy lollipop – which technically lasted even longer than your full size lollipop.

Changes in Packaging

The wrapping of Sugar Daddy lollipops changed as well. Now the lollipops are wrapped in plastic with the Sugar Daddy logo on it instead of plain, yellow wax paper.

Nutritional Facts: Calories in Sugar Daddy Lollipop

Each normal size Sugar Daddy lollipop has around 120 calories in it. It’s not difficult to see why this might appeal to sweet-toothed dieters.

How to Make Your Own Sugar Daddy Lollipop


The exact recipe for the Sugar Daddy lollipop is a secret, however, you can make a very similar caramel lollipop at home with this recipe:

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup light corn syrup

1/2 teaspoon lemon juice

1/4 cup butter, cubed

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

18 lollipop sticks

Dark or white chocolate chips, melted

Steps to Make

You can make your own version of Sugar Daddy lollipops by creating a caramel that contains those ingredients. Pour the caramel into a lollipop mould and once they are cool, these homemade lollipops can give you the same experience of a long-lasting caramel treat.

Popularity of Sugar Daddy Lollipops

In Pop Culture

Sugar Daddy lollipops have shown up on the big screen and in the telecaster tube and, owing to their hard candy remoteness, they’ve often made their way to Halloween trick-or-treating baskets.

Market Presence

From my point of view, Sugar Daddy lollipops still have a very strong presence. Over the years, a lot of new candy brands and flavours have been put on the market, but the standard caramel lollipop is still very popular and for good reason.

The Future of Sugar Daddy Lollipops

Though the identifiable look, smooth crème-brown body, and deliciously creamy-soft interior of the Sugar Daddy lollipop have waxed and waned throughout its 100-year history, the pleasure of enjoying buttery-sweet caramel for a long and satisfying time has persisted – and will likely continue to do so for a long time to come.


The Sugar Daddy lollipop has thrived since its inception in the 1920s, maintaining a fine line between being a delicious treat and a hokey symbol of love, chased after by generations of babes and losers alike. Its caramel flavour and long-lasting sweetness unites young and old. And, costume aside, the surest way to seduce woman – or man, for that matter – at Halloween is to offer them a good Sugar Daddy lollipop. It will likely have far better results than a freshly ripped-off head. With this insect-like structure on your forehead, who’d dare to refuse you? 1. Two lollipops, alike in dignity, In fair Connecticut,Where we lay our scene for treat,Some savoury sweets to eat.One lollipop is set down’thou art Sugar Daddy… 2. The theatrical Sugar Daddy opens himself,Still encountered, ere we sleep,To show his store of creamy mixtures.As sweet as any succubusMan lives on Sugar Daddy,And Sugar Daddy lives by man.Break, oh, break, thy sweet-sticks o’er,If thou intend to do me wrong.


What is a Sugar Daddy lollipop? A Sugar Daddy lollipop is a lollipop consisting of caramel in the centre surrounded by a thick glossy layer. One of the distinctive features of a Sugar Daddy lollipop is its long-lasting sweetness.

When was lollipop Sugar Daddy lollipop produced? Lollipop Sugar Daddy lollipop was produced in 1925.

How many calories are in a Sugar Daddy?A regular Sugar Daddy lollipop has just about 120 calories.

What or how do you make the Sugar Daddy lollipop? You can, at home, whip up your own caramel (pretty similar to the ‘Sugar Daddy’ one) together, here are the ingredients: 455 grams (2 cups) water, 725 grams (3 cups) light corn syrup, 90 grams (6 tbsp) lemon juice, 150 grams (10 tbsp) unsalted butter, 280 grams (1 1/3 cups) granulated white sugar, 1/2 tsp kosher salt, 2 tbsp vanilla.

What’s makes Sugar Daddy lollipops special? Sugar Daddy lollipops are rich with caramel flavor, lasting sweetness.

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