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Toronto Candy 2024: The Freeze Dried Revolution Take Over!

Camping & Outdoors: Toronto Candy 2024 - The Freeze-Dried Revolution Takes Over!

Photo courtesy the authorThe world of camping is forever changed now that freeze-dried candy has become a global trend. Outdoor adventures in Toronto are reforming to adapt to the new ways we are snacking on our favourite treats away from home, and – thanks to freeze-dried candy – camping has now become lighter, more fun, and just downright sweeter. Here’s how the freeze-dried revolution has swept through Toronto’s camping – and outdoor – world to make outdoor adventures fun for all.

The Rise of Freeze-Dried Candy in Toronto

And Purdy’s freeze-dried candy fits right into the city’s amply outdoorsy, foodie culture. Freeze-dried candy is a snack meant for the outdoors. The texture is fluffy, but sturdy, so it won’t get soggy like chips or crackers when hikers rest their packs on a local trail heading into Toronto’s vast green zones through the Rouge National Urban Park, and then pack up and walk for more hours at a time. The bites are crisp and reveal their sugary and fruity powders with just a hint of oxygen when you bite down. Miller’s hope is that the wares catch on with Toronto’s many foodie campers, too. They might want to try them out by a Lake Ontario fire pit.

Why Freeze-Dried Candy for Camping?

Lightweight and Convenient

Another remarkable benefit to freeze-dried candy is its weight. Freeze-drying removes about 98 per cent of the water from the candy. But you already knew that, right? Sure, this makes freeze-dried candy ridiculously unhealthy, but you already knew that, too. And sure, it makes it lightweight and easy to pack, but did you know that before you saw it written out in list form? Are you thinking to yourself: ‘Duh. I’ve known about freeze-drying for years, ever since I watched Star Trek as a nine year old. I’d been eating my astronaut ice-cream like this for decades! You think I’d eat it any other way?’ And that, friends, is why we write this stuff!

Long Shelf Life

Freeze-dried candies have considerable shelf life: they will keep well for months and years, even longer if stored away from heat and moisture. Also, unlike conventional candies, freeze-dried ones are not bothered by dust, grime or moisture; they can stay viable essentially indefinitely under the right conditions. Thus, backpackers, campers and other users of the outdoors can now take their favourite candies with them without worrying about the candies spoiling.

Fun and Flavorful

But freezing the candy, then removing the water – through a process called freeze-drying – not only preserves it but heightens the flavours too, each bite concentrated and satisfying. The elaborate gelatinous texture, with its crispy perforated exterior and voracious chewy interior, plays his mothlike tongue into fun-snacking territory. Dry it out and voila – freeze-dried candy. Photograph by Getty Acidic, aggressively tart cranberries and limes. Sugary-sweet; sour; mouth-puckeringly tart. There’s a flavour profile for everyone.

Energy Boost

And these candies might be just the ticket for a hike, paddle or other outdoor activity that burns calories quickly, providing a hit of sugar for extra energy. The vitamins and nutrients often found inside fruit, of which many freeze-dried products are reinforced, can help offset the health disadvantages of pure sugar.

Where to Find Freeze-Dried Candy in Toronto

That spunk gave rise to a crop of specialty shops and outdoor markets that now sell freeze-dried candies. They range from downtown specialty shops to outdoorsy online stores that sell drygoods to campers and hikers, and include many local outdoor gear shops that now stock the candies.

Conclusion: A Sweet Addition to Outdoor Adventures

So maybe this will stick around. Because it’s not a fad. It’s a sign of Toronto’s ingenuity and creativity, and evidence of our love for the outdoors. These candies offer the perfect mix of the outdoors, convenience and taste, making them an indispensable part of camping and hiking, with plenty of adventures still to come. 2024. Bring it on. Visit my website Xavier C Callahan.

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