Guide: Discover the Best Candy Stores in Miami, FL - 2024 Updated

Along with its bustling culture, white sand beaches and hot nightlife, Miami is also home to numerous candy stores – offering an assortment of repurposed sweets for sweet tooths anything from artisan chocolates to throwbacks to the latest candy innovations. It’s 2024, and whether you’re searching for the newest culinary trend or a nostalgic stroll down memory lane, it’s time to get back to the candy stores in Miami, FL.

1. Sweet Delights - The Artisan Experience

Proudly located towards the majestic middle of bustling downtown Miami is Sweet Delights, a delicious boutique confectionery pieces for chocolate and gourmet sweets aficionados made with high grade ingredients. The signature collection are the exotic flavours of passion fruit truffle, guava dark chocolate and mango milk chocolate. Sweet Delights also come in perfect gift boxes that serve as great momento souvenir choices.

2. Candytopia - A Whimsical Wonderland

Candytopia at the swanky Lincoln Road Mall is not a candy shop, but a fantastical selfie wonderland that takes you through a series of over-the-top rooms filled with candy and candy-coloured objects, all ‘designed to liberate your inner kid’, as its website says. There are treats along the way, with strangers and lacklustre baggage everywhere ‘OK, UrbanDaddy, enough already with the Instagram buzzwords and cheap branding campaigns.’ If you’ve made it through that paragraph, then congratulations! Feel free to browse Candytopia, where you can wander between such themed rooms as ‘hello is that candy in your pocket?’; ‘it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity’; ‘the candy pool’; ‘rainbow road’; weigh yourself on a giant scale; and if you’re feeling peckish, there’s a candy ‘buffet’ to satisfy even the most insatiable sweet tooth. Want something to bring home to the ‘kids’? Candytopia offers unique sweet treats ‘perfect for Instagram’.

3. The Sugar Shack - Retro Vibes and Rare Finds

If you’re craving the candies of your childhood, how about The Sugar Shack? The retro-themed candy shop in the Wynwood Arts District stocks hard-to-find candies, soda pop and novelty foods. Among the many wonderful old candies, bubble gum, chocolate, candy bars, and rare sodas are chocolate-dipped potato chips, Circus Peanuts, Pez dispensers, kosher dills, Coke bottle glass, Snow Cap shoestrings, Turkish taffy, Nehberd, SuperBubble, and more.

4. ChocoFruit - The Healthy Indulgence

ChocoFruit, a candy store of a different stripe, sits in the South Beach area. It specialises in chocolate dipped fruits and general health foods offering sweets without guilt. The goods include dark chocolate dipped strawberries, banana bites, assorted fruit candid corns and nut clusters.

5. La Dulceria - A Taste of the Tropics

La Dulceria, a candy store nestled in Miami’s Little Havana frontier, blares Latin pop music and is a wildly colourful, domestically diverse candy shop whose candies, flavours and urban myths pay homage to the city’s Latin American immigrant heritage. At La Dulceria shoppers can find candies such as spicy and tangy mango gummies, red and green tamarind (a type of tropical fruit and seed pod known locally as ‘the candy of the tropics’) and multiple varieties of coconut-based chocolates. There is also an offering on shelf of Bubblicious – US-style bubble gum. The petite, second and third generation Dominican and Colombian owners of La Dulceria welcome shared laughter.

6. Wonderland Sweets - Innovative Confections

In the innovative heart of the Design District in Miami, a liquid nitrogen sprinkle and oversized rainbow lollipop stick adorn a wreath of cotton candy at Wonderland Sweets. With the motto ‘bringing out your inner child’, this ultra-modern, super-sweet candy store offers its adventurous clientele the latest and greatest in candy confections, including both liquid nitrogen popcorn and candy sushi, and a candy candle with a real candle flame that turns into an edible tip. This fabulous candy wall is actually the icing on the cake, and Wonderland Sweets the place to go if you want to experience the wild frontier of candy craftsmanship.

Wrapping Up Your Sweet Adventure

Miami’s candy shops evoke a pure sense of escapism, reimagining the world of sweets by honouring the classics and experimenting with new flavours. An indulgence for a chocolate-lover, someone with a nostalgic palette, or even an adventurous newcomer, Magic City candy shops are havens for the ultimate sweet tooth. So, the next time you find yourself in the Magic City, satisfy your need for the sweetest experiences of Miami with these must-visit candy shops.

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