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The Smoothie Revolution

For a time, perhaps a too long amount of time, smoothies were relegated to the realm of health and wellness fringe dwellers. But, things have changed. Smoothies have ascended to mainstream consciousness. What’s not to like? A flavourful, nutritious elixir with an almost unlimited list of foods, especially vegetables, that you can add without compromising flavour. But what if I could help you take your smoothie game to a whole new level? With the help of freeze-dried ingredients.

Why Use Freeze Dried Vegetables?

The addition of freeze dried vegetable powders to smoothie recipes has revolutionised health foodies and first time high powered breakfast-smoothie makers alike, but why? What’s the magic behind this culinary unicorn?.

Benefits of Freeze Drying

As long as the veggies are freeze-dried (in their frozen state), the nutritional content, colour and flavour are preserved, so you get the benefits of both worlds – convenience and health. They’re lightweight and easy to store in ling-term food storage bins. They have a long shelf life. Most importantly, they retain almost all the nutritional value – something few preservation methods can claim.

Essential Ingredients for Veggie Smoothies

There are countless these that you can add to your perfect veggie smoothie, but the following are especially valuable freeze-dried crops.

Best Freeze Dried Veggies for Smoothies

My go-to dried vegetables include spinach, kale, beets and carrots, particularly since these ingredients are densely packed with nutrients and favourites with regard to taste. They add an easy run-in to any good blender for a hidden-veggie gateway to ramp up the goodness of your smoothie.

Blending Basics: Tools You Need

And of course, what's a smoothie without a trusty blender?

Choosing a High-Quality Blender

Keep those principles in mind when shopping for a blender – remember to consider power, number of speed settings, ease of cleanup and durability. It’s worth spending a little extra money for a high-end blender because it will make sure your final product is flawlessly creamy and smooth even if your ingredients were tough freeze-dried fruits.

Top 5 Freeze-Dried Veggie Smoothie Recipes

Prepared to beam up into the world of silky smoothies with your inner Vulcan? Here are our five favourite recipes, all made with vegetables that have been freeze dried.

Power Green Smoothie

Tropical Veggie Blast

Berry-licious Veggie Delight

Immunity Booster Smoothie

Detox Delight

Each recipe depicts freeze-dried vegetables and fruits, yogurt or other non-dairy creaminess, and the words that promise ‘health’ created by combination of these ingredients: ‘flinging your taste buds into smoothie bliss! hippie, health, yummy!

Tips and Tricks for Perfect Veggie Smoothies

To help lend a hand, here are a few keys: smoothie-making tips and tricks to get the silkiest texture, to improve flavour and to maximise nutrient intake.


Therefore, here you go. Teleportation hacks for the freeze-dried veggie smoothie. Take these with you, a blender and a lassie mindset to rock in your world of colourful high power, nutrient-rich beverages with texture-rich-crispiness that will surely take you towards the peaceful world.


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