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We love finding the perfect gift for the special someone in our lives. Something that is totally unique and healthy at the same time. Those are two traits that freeze-dried fruits and candies have going for them – they’re both uniquely sweet and delicious, but totally healthy too. That’s a match made in heaven. But I guess we should really put these freeze-dried Blue Shark candies to the test and do a taste comparison.

Freeze-Dried Candy: A Modern Twist

Next up is the freeze-dried candy! Freeze-drying is a relatively new way of preserveing candies and basically this involves the removal of the water from the candy while the flavor and nutrients stay in. On doing this, you end up with a texture and taste tat is distinctly different from the original meaty candy.

Traditional Blue Shark Candies: A Classic Favorite

On one side of the ring, the veteran – the Blue Shark candies. The gummy that has been candy-boxing since my grandparents were kids, the candies that people eat when they’re bored not because they like the candies, but specifically because they don’t like the candies and yet they just happen to be there.

Texture Showdown

Now, let’s look at the texture of these candies. The freeze-dried candies are much crispier and crunchier than the traditional gummy-style candies, which have been stripped of all moisture. This light and airy freeze-dried texture differs greatly from the traditional Blue Shark candies. Traditional Blue Shark candies are thicker and chewy, a texture that is often desired by candy connoisseurs.

Freeze-dried Gummy Sharks – O'Sweetz

Flavor Explosion

Either way, when it comes to taste, it’s fairly even-steven. If you’re looking for pure concentrated flavours in a piece of candy, you get that with every bite of a freeze-dried product. Without the moisture there to slow the dissolution process, the flavours are released very quickly. When it comes to traditional Blue Shark candies, you get more of a slow ‘drip, drip, drip’ release of flavours over the course of many manageable chews.

Health Benefits

Next, the health benefits. Obviously, freeze-dried candies have one big advantage: moisture removal makes them less likely to stick to teeth and rot. Beyond that, during the process, the natural sugar of the fruit remains untouched, so you have a sweet treat with no added sugars and no preservatives.

The Original Blue Shark might still be my favourite of the bunch, but Traditional Blue Shark candies have more added sugars and artificial ingredients. Overall, although tasty, they would not be my top pick for healthier candy.


A final factor is versatility. Freeze-dried candies are good for diversifying your diet. You can sprinkle them over yoghurts, decorate your cakes with them, or incorporate them into your trail-mix empire as both a taste and nutrition boost. The original Blue Shark candies, being gummy, are basically intended for solo consumption.

The Verdict

As for the winner of the taste test between the freeze-dried and the traditional Blue Shark candies, that’s up to you.If you’re looking for an interesting texture and an intense flavour with health benefits, choose freeze-dried candies. If you like that satisfying crunch and are trying to feel guilt-free about enjoying your treats, they’re the way to go.

But if you still enjoy the traditional chewy goodness in which they were first made and you can live with a bit of added sweetness, they’re still the perfect quick-fix picker-upper.

But, either way – whether they’re freeze-dried candies down a modern rabbit hole or vintage Blue Shark candies – there is one thing certain: you’re larvae are for eating.


What are the health benefits of freeze-dried candies?

One advantage of its all-natural ingredients is that freeze-dried candies maintain the natural sugars of the fruit without adding sugars or preservatives. Another plus is that they have an almost crunchy texture, which in turn makes them less sticky and therefore healthier for your teeth.

Are freeze-dried candies suitable for everyday snacking?

Of course! Being freeze-dried makes these candies guilt-free and tasty snack that will not make your belly hurt as normal candies would. They provide an interesting flavour sensation that you can have regularly.

How long do freeze-dried candies last?

With the right packaging and placement in a stable cool, dry location, they can hold their integrity for a very long time.

Can I use freeze-dried candies in cooking and baking?

Yes, freeze-dried candy comes in many flavours and is a very versatile ingredient. It can be added to desserts, yogurt, cereal, and much more to enhance flavour and also to add an exciting element of presentation.

Do traditional Blue Shark candies contain artificial ingredients?

Store-bought candies such as Traditional Blue Shark candies can have added sugars and artificial ingredients for flavour and colour, so read the label if you are concerned about dietary considerations.

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