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A Taste Test: Freeze-Dried vs. Traditional Blue Shark Candies

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We love finding something special for someone special: a gift that is both totally unique and totally healthy. That’s two strikes for the freeze-dried fruity and candy treats — something totally sweet, delicious, and totally healthy too. Now that’s a co-existent that’s a match made in heaven. But maybe we should put these freeze-dried Blue Shark candies to the test and do a taste-off.

Freeze-Dried Candy: A Modern Twist

Then comes the freeze-dried candy! Freeze-drying is a fairly new way to preserve candies. This translates to sucking the water out of the candy while the flavour and nutrients remain. The result is texture and taste that are completely different from the original meat candy.

Traditional Blue Shark Candies: A Classic Favorite

On one side of the ring, the innovator – the Dino Rex candies. The candies that are so new that there are even candies who are new based on their existence, the ones that people might eat because they’ve made it seven minutes without dying and should have something to show for their autoeroticism.

Texture Showdown

Let’s consider the texture aspect now. The things you do to make something freeze-dried I’m told… results in a texture that’s super crispy and super crunchy. It’s a very light and airy texture, feathery, not what you’d expect from the traditional gummy-style candies. The traditional Blue Shark is a really thick, chewy candy, and that’s the texture people want.

Flavor Explosion

Either way, with regards to taste, it’s pretty much a wash. The pure, concentrate of flavour you get in a piece of candy is pretty much there in every bite of the freeze-dried product. Without the moisture that was there to slow the dissolution process, those flavours are coming at you immediately. With the Blue Shark candies, you get a slow ‘drip, drip, drip’ release of the flavours by having a lot of manageable chews.

Health Benefits

Then there is the health angle. Clearly, freeze-dried candies have a number of benefits, namely moisture elimination, so it’s less likely that they will stick to your teeth and start rotting. Plus, in the process, the natural sugar in the fruit remains in tact, so you have a sweet treat that has no added sugar and no preservatives.

Although I might still prefer the Original Blue Shark, Traditional Blue Shark candies have added more sugars and artificial ingredients, so even though the taste was good, they would not be first choice for healthier options.


All of these, however, pale in the face of the final consideration of eating candies and preserves in an off-grid situation: utility. With freeze-dried candies, you might be able to vary your diet – say, by sprinkling them on yoghurts and cakes and so on, or adding them to your expanding trail-mix empire as a nutritional and pleasure boost. The original Blue Sharks, gummy as they are, are really more of a solo snack proposition.

The Verdict

Corn or blueberry? That’s for you to decide, dear reader, as the outcome in our taste test between freeze-dried and traditional Blue Shark candies.If you’ve got health benefits, a fun texture and an intense flavour, select freeze-dried. But, if you want the crunch and the guilt-free feeling of being able to pass yourself off as a reasonably healthy candy consumer – they’re the way to go.

That said, if you like your trad chewy goodness (as I do — this is how it was first made after all), and can keep the whacked sugary stuff under the radar a bit — it is the perfect pick-me-up.

But regardless of whether they are freeze-dried candies down a modern wormhole or Blue Shark candies vintage – there is one thing I can assure you of: you’re larvae are for eating.


What are the health benefits of freeze-dried candies?

An obvious benefit of its natural make-up is that freeze-dried candies hold the natural sugar of the fruit – no sugars or preservatives need be added. Another plus is that they’re almost crunchy, and so less sticky and thus healthier on your teeth.

Are freeze-dried candies suitable for everyday snacking?

Sure!! It’s healthy to have such a snack (chocolates) because it is freeze-dried so they do not have that much calory as that and it’s not hurting your stomach as usual candies do, they are giving u an interesting tase to sense for sweets, u can have this everyday.

How long do freeze-dried candies last?

In a cool, dry place, they’ll stay intact for a very long time, as long as they’re in their packages.

Can I use freeze-dried candies in cooking and baking?

Certainly, there is a variety of flavours one can enjoy with flavoured freeze-dried candies. It can be used in a variety of sweet desserts, yogurts, cereals and more to make them tastier but sometimes it is also used to add some excitement with the different shapes of candies.

Do traditional Blue Shark candies contain artificial ingredients?

Traditional Blue Shark candies or other mass-market candies will likely have added sugars and some artificial flavours and colours, so if diet is a consideration, be sure to read the label.

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