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Nowadays candy sweets had been served to us for ages. Some has been high-tech-ed and tampered by kitchen's creativity especially that of a new kind of candy/sweets made by Fruity burst, and how it had made a stir in the snack world by it's ad of bursting flavors, not only calling it delicious but also exhilarating. Lets gather up on what these freeze-dried candy treats are about.

The Magic of Freeze Drying

What is Freeze Drying?

The process, which is technically known as lyophilisation or freeze-drying, removes moisture from the product, often to facilitate longevity. Freeze the product directly to a solid state, then reduce the pressure so that the water in ice form in the centre of the product can sublimate (sublimation is the process in which, without going through the liquid phase, ice in the solid state directly converts to vapour and the end product is a piece of dried material that had retained the original morphology, nutritional quality, and most importantly for our purposes, flavour.

Why Freeze-Dried Candy?

Flavour boost: removal of water from fruits in this process helps to concentrate flavour: a mouthful of freeze-dried sweets such as Fruity Burst gives the most flavour-packed burst you could possibly imagine

Texture: [One] of the really neat things about the process is that it makes candy crispy – the first sensation on the tongue is just this incredible crunch and then it all just melts away.

Shelf Life: When there’s no moisture, you will unlikely get chucked out and will receive a much later expiry sticker.

Fruity Burst - A Symphony of Flavors

The Burst Sensation

And no surprise that the sweets were called Fruity Burst: open your mouth and it’s like a sudden Fruity Burst but that’s not all it takes to make a wonder. It’s the ingenious mix of the fruit oils.

Range of Flavors

Anyone who has even sampled Fruity Burst — ‘an explosive flavour that’s naturally sweet and guaranteed to burst into life in your mouth’ (mind your eye) — will know that it doesn’t stop at the familiar fruities, but has separate ‘tangy citrus’ and ‘fruity blends’ ingredients lists, ‘naturally sweet’ and ‘tropical’ collections, and more, more, more.

Not Just a Candy, but a Snack Revolution

Health Benefits

Fruity Burst freeze-dried candies, on the other hand, are far less ultra-processed than the majority of candies available today, and deliver the sugars and nutrients that are present in the underlying fruits that make them a healthy choice compared to many other snacks.


Fruity Burst candies aren't just for direct consumption. They can be:

Sprinkled over desserts for an added crunch.

Mixed into morning cereals or yogurt bowls.

It can be added as a garnish to cocktails or mocktails to give them a fruity zing.

Environmentally Conscious Production

One of the tablets of poliisanol from Fruit BoastAnother benefit of Fruity Burst is that it is eco-friendly during production. For the fact that it is freeze dried makes less waste. Meanwhile, the pakaging is also the environmentally friendly also.


Not just candy. With Fruity Burst, we’re transforming our industry to one that will deliver an entirely new snacking experience: overjoying your taste buds with delightfully fresh fruit explosion, for a fun snack that’s better for you and — with minimal emissions — for the planet as well. Joining us on this new sensorial adventure, burst by burst, you’ll help too.

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