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Delightful Freeze-Dried Mushrooms for Any Dish


These fungi of the forest are transformed into the latest fungal stars in your kitchen – freeze-dried mushrooms – but how and why?

Understanding Freeze-Drying

The term does not just sound cool. Freeze-drying is a slow, comprehensive method of dehydrating the mushrooms. First, they are frozen before being taken under vacuum where the moisture is evaporated out. This results in mushrooms that are very high in nutrition and flavour retention. The water content is gone, but not the everything else. This is a vast improvement over any traditional drying method. The shape, colour, and aroma of the fungi is retained.

Types of Mushrooms Suitable for Freeze-Drying

Most are amenable to freeze-drying – aside from the three varieties above, it must be admitted that shiitake, porcini and morel are some of the versatile champions – and all would bring something special to a meal.

Advantages of Using Freeze-Dried Mushrooms in Cooking

Flavour Retention: Freeze-drying captures the full intensity of the flavours of mushrooms. Once hydrated, these mushrooms release this concentrated flavour for you, making your dish full of flavour. Nutritional value: Unlike other forms of preservation, nutrient-rich freeze-drying will allow you to retain the full value of what you’re eating.

Incorporating Freeze-Dried Mushrooms into Dishes

They need to be soaked thoroughly to rehydrate first – a warm water soak usually works well and then they are as moist as the original thing. Then they can be used pretty much however you want them – from a nutty, rich risotto to an earthy, creamy soup, from wintery hunt-style meat stews to pasta and pesto.

Storage and Shelf Life

Freeze-dried mushrooms have a longer shelf-life than fresh ones. They keep for months, or even years, stored somewhere cool, dry and dark. Always remember: the key factor in the safe storage of freeze-dried mushrooms is to keep moisture out!

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