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The Art of Freeze-Drying: Unique Holiday Gift Ideas

Freeze Dried Strawberries

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Freeze Dried Raspberries


Freeze Dried Mango

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Freeze Dried Passion Fruit


Freeze Dried Rainbow Puffs


Freeze Dried Lemon


Freeze Dried Blueberries

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Freeze Dried Nerd Clusters

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If you’re already planning what could be the best gift ever – something that will surprise and delight your friends and family – you might want to hop onto the bandwagon of the freeze-dryer – one of the most productive, healthful and creative food products available. Great holiday gift ideas are here.

The Rise of Freeze-Drying: A Gourmet Trend

Freeze-drying is not just popular these days just because it preserves food for longer, it also provides the foodie around the world with the opportunity to sample a range of unusual and vibrant tastes. Brilliant package for any health-food fan, or for the foodie who likes a bit of a twist.

Freeze Dried Candy: A Sweet Revelation

Any particular candies are international renowned, and being called a candy is indeed a pretty tasty thing. But if these candies are freeze dried, then the kind of joy that berry based frozen ice candy bring you. The tasty and the quality that most candies based flavor could almost taste alike.

to perform a crude operation on this food, by mixing the taste – and representing the virtues of fragility – of a candies with the virtues of dehydration … [is] magical for sweet-eaters.’ So, if you want to gift any of your dehydrated candies that drop out of their bag almost as soon as you open it, ready to be consumed, I don’t see why not.

Freeze Dried Food: A Fusion of Taste and Health

If the object of your affections tends toward the sensible and healthy, you can also bestow freeze-dried foods – from vegetables to fruits to cheese. It seems that almost anything edible has been freeze-dried at one time or another, and most of what you come across retains the nutritional integrity of the non-preserved version. Crunchy! What’s not to like? It isn’t just kids who love freeze-dried food anymore.

Creative Holiday Gift Ideas

Make giving gifts this holiday season more fun – try something freeze-dried:

Healthy Holiday Care Packages

Imagine a beautiful box filled with brightly coloured, freeze-dried fruits and vegetables – and candies to boot! Not only gut-healthy, but also palate-pleasing.

Personalized His and Hers Gift Baskets

The baskets are customisable with all natural, freeze-dried goodies; some freeze-dried confectionaries for him and a selection of freeze-dried fruits for her – a bit of something special to make the presents unique!

Fitness Enthusiast's Dream Basket

A basket of freeze-dried foods: Help a fitness junkie help herself by creating a basket of freeze-dried foods. Healthy eating can be tasty too.

Meal Prep Magic

If you tend to be culinarily challenged (like me), you can indulge the meal prep freak in your life with a box of freeze-dried foods: meal prep is simply easier, it makes eating healthily easier and it can be a terrific gift for the hardworking do-gooder who wakes at 3am in order to arrive to the office on time.

All-Natural Delights for Her

You can’t get her much but, as she’s hard to shop for, a basket of foodstuffs – ideally dried fruits or vegetables, for taste as well as healthiness – is a winning trifecta of taste, healthfulness and novelty.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the health benefits of freeze-dried fruits and candies?

Freeze-dried fruits and candies retain their nutritional value, providing a healthy and tasty snack.

Are freeze-dried foods safe?

Absolutely! The freeze-drying process preserves the food without the need for preservatives.

How long do freeze-dried foods last?

Neither is her dinner literally ‘mum’s’, ‘expensive’, ‘full of salt’ or ‘bad for you’; it is none of these things, precisely because it constitutes a rough propriety of edibility, and because – as any parent knows when it comes to getting a child to eat – she told me it tasted fine. Rule of thumb: properly stored, freeze-dried foods will be fresh forever.

Can freeze-dried foods be used in everyday cooking?

In principle, you can have the freeze-dried stuff again too, I mean. You can hydrate it and use it for American-style home cooking too. I guess you could have some ISS food, you could have some of the ISS food, probably not the most exciting stuff.

Do freeze-dried fruits and candies taste good?

You can still taste the freeze-dried fruits because, while the taste of the first space food might have been a bit bland, the same can’t be said of candy, which doesn’t require the more complicated thermal stabilisation procedures that cooked, bio-based foods require. Better still, freeze-drying these goodies might actually improve their flavours even further.

This holiday season, bypass flowers, chocolates, over-crafted gifts and familiar fresh food fare. Turn to freeze-drying instead: you’ll be indulging the tastes and health of freeze-dried candies and foods and, with just a dash of craft and originality, you’ll be cementing a gift-giving mystique that could be the most thoughtful you’ve ever gifted – not to mention, the most euphoric taste pop on the palate, and the healthiest offering on the table. Possibly, the best holiday season present since the Gibson girl of the gilded age gave igloo-lovers their fondue and cog types their Quasimodo… ‘Buy the ticket, take the ride,’ said Hunter S. Thompson. This holiday season: new ticket to ride!: It’s freeze-drying!

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