Freeze-dried foods are the best because it’s a meal-in-a-bag that won’t go bad and lasts a lifetime! It gets rid of all the moisture in the food, which also means no bacteria could grow so you get a product that would last and last unlike a canned goods that would have to be eaten before it’s too late. Freeze-dried foods are perfect for emergency kits because they’re lightweight, not refrigerated, can stay fresh for ages, and don’t spoil after a period of time like most food. In this blog post we’ll talk freeze-dried foods from Freeze N Dried that can be added to your survival kit and let you be well-prepared for anything.

Long Shelf Life

The greatest advantage is the length of time that the food will last. In some cases, these freeze dried foods from Freeze N Dried will last you several years. For emergency scenario’s this makes a lot of sense because you know the food will last. It won’t spoil and lose its nutritional value.

Nutrient Retention

When you choose Freeze N Dried’s products you know you are purchasing foods that have been processed using the freeze-drying method which preserves vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.In an emergency it is important to keep yourself healthy and keep up your energy by eating foods that can provide your body with the nutrients it so desperately needs. Production of these essential nutrients can be reduced or eliminated through the use of freeze dried foods.

Lightweight and Compact

GoGet em! You'll save space, money and maybe even a life in your emergency kit with every bag of freeze-dried food you buy from Freeze N Dried. With freeze-dried foods, you'll find that you can get a lot more in your emergency kit without making it bigger or heavier.

Easy Preparation

That’s among the nicest things about freeze-dried foods. They’re very easy to make. In an emergency, when time is of the essence and you want good, convenient food that doesn’t compromise on taste or quality, freeze dried food is hard to beat.

Freeze dried dairy, eggs and cheese from European Freeze DryVersatile Food Options

Freeze N Dried carries a whole host of freeze-dried product types in its store, from fruits and vegetables, to cheeses, to snacks, which means that you can put together a balanced and complete emergency food supply that fits your tastes and diet well.

Freeze Dried Carrots

Original price was: $6.99.Current price is: $5.47.

Freeze Dried Corn

Original price was: $6.49.Current price is: $5.97.

Freeze Dried Beets


No Refrigeration Required

Each serving of food does not have to be refrigerated, unlike many perishable food items. This is essential for people stuck in grids down situations where there likely won’t be an electricity supply, let alone refrigeration.

freezeNdried’s freeze-dried foods are a perfect item to fill every emergency kit … freeze-dried foods preserve the taste, texture and nutrition of fresh food; they have a long shelf life, retain nutritional value, are very lightweight, cook in minutes with boiling water, and you can mix them with other ingredients to create numerous recipes. By adding freezeNdried products to your survival kit, you will have ready supplies of a nutritious food choice when you are in need. The market leader in freeze-dried products can help you Be Prepared.

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