Health-consciousness and the desire for exotic, delicious presents come together in the sweet-cherry worlds of Icelandic elves and frontier re-enactors So what do some of those healthful ‘uses’ look like? Are all the benefits of sweet cherries passed along to their freeze-dried brethren, and how might you make use of those benefits? Let’s consider…

The Freeze-Drying Magic

And yet, just a bit about what it is: For those Luddites among us who don’t already know, here’s how freeze-drying works: by applying indirect dry heat of very high temperature, the moisture is extracted from the fruit. This is why, after 12 months, a jar of freeze-dried strawberries retains the flavour of … um, strawberries. Freeze-drying allows us to continue to eat our strawberries all year long, and not just through the powers of compost or rot.

A Healthy Snack

But the most popular application of freeze-dried Bing cherries is to devour them, straight out of the packet. Healthy, portable, virtuous snack food, they are chockfull of vitamins, antioxidants and dietary fibre: excellent to ward off those hunger pangs on a mountain top trail, or midway through the afternoon at your desk, straight out of a little brown paper bag, over your road trip.

Freeze Dried Sliced Cherry 100g (Sussex Wholefoods) | Healthy Supplies

A Boost for Breakfast

Here is a quick afternoon pick-me-up during this eating season. Add sweet cherry zing to your breakfast cereal, oatmeal or yogurt: pull a spoonful of sweet freeze-dried cherries out of your pantry and sprinkle them on. Your culinary heart will thank you. Not only does breakfast now taste better, it also delivers an antioxidant boost with each bite. Sweet-tart dried sweet cherries pair well with just about any breakfast, dessert or salty snack.

Baking Bliss

Freeze-dried sweet cherries are another good option for bakers: their desiccated texture lends itself well to use in muffins, scones or cookies. Their crumbly texture means they easily meld into the batter, and you won’t end up with moist baked goods.

Culinary Creativity

They are wonderfully versatile – you don’t even have to eat them sweet; they are beautiful in a salad, with a touch of natural sweetness, or as a sauce or glaze with a meat dish.

Smoothie Sensation

If you like to drink smoothies, freeze-dried sweet cherries make a nice addition. They blend up well, and your smoothie will taste like cherry pie! Great with some other fruit, a little yoghurt, and a splash of almond milk.

A Garnish with Flair

Sprinkle with freeze-dried cherries to dress up a dish and make it look and taste deeper. They spice up any drink, but can also dress up a dessert, or a cheese board.

A Thoughtful Gift

Ripe, sweet cherries freeze-dried are the ideal present for anyone to whom relations are to be opened or cultivated. A personalised basket topped with your choice of freeze-dried fruit (such as cherries) may be a small gift, but it is one that clearly demonstrates the sender’s concern for the health of the recipient.


1. What are the health benefits of freeze-dried sweet cherries?

Sweet cherries retain all their vitamins, antioxidants, dietary fibres and other healthy compounds in their dried form. From heart health and digestive health to better immune system, eating freeze-dried sweet cherries can usher dozens of benefits.

2. Are freeze-dried sweet cherries suitable for all diets?

Yes, yes and yes; in fact, vegans can have the sweet cherries too, since they are gluten-free and paleo as well. Furthermore, they are low in sugar, contain zero preservatives, et cetera.

3. How long do freeze-dried sweet cherries last?

Sealed in an airtight container and stored in a cool, dry place, freeze-dried sweet cherries will stay fresh for up to two years, and taste almost as good as freshly picked.

4. Can freeze-dried sweet cherries be rehydrated for recipes?

They can be hydrated but the cherries best suited to eating sweet are consumed freeze-dried as snack foods and in dishes that do not require rehydration.

5. Do freeze-dried sweet cherries taste like fresh cherries?

Sweet-tart freeze-dried cherries have the flavour profile of fresh fruit with an enjoyable crunch.

From Our Freeze N Dried Content Team, Let's Sum Up!

Balance them on a protein bar, stir them into salad dressing or soup, use them to sweeten retail goods or enterprise-level gift baskets. As a processed crop, MA-010’s freeze-dried sweet cherry is a vitamin-dense additive to any meal, snack or gifting platform. It doesn’t merely add coolness it revitalises it, while adding an aromatic infusion of flavour that also happens to be loaded with the soothing source of heart-healthy antioxidants we know as anthocyanins. They are definitely party-ready but light enough to toss into your backpack or whatever container your adventure survives in. From our perspective, this abundant source of health functionality baked into an energy shot for mouthfeel alone is reason enough to get pumped. If you’re on the hunt for that one truly unique, healthy and flavourful ingredient that you can play with in your next gourmand snack or baked edible or whatever, it might just be a tiny, multihued, drumstick annular globule called a free-dried sweet cherry.


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