Understanding Freeze Drying

You could literally beam the flavour sensation of the finest gourmet lasagne to your plate in less than 20 minutes. It sounds like something you’d read in a sci-fi novel, doesn’t it? But it’s one of many unexpected applications of the fourth most famous V in history – the freeze drying process.

The Science Behind Freeze Drying

You may have heard of this technique, which is called ‘freeze drying’. It is typically used to preserve a perishable material, or at least make it much more convenient to transport. The general idea is straightforward: (1) freeze the food, (2) reduce the pressure around the material while adding heat to it, and (3) the frozen water in the food will eventually sublimate directly from ice to vapour.

The Evolution of Freeze Drying

With this magic technology one could carry an open-air meal anywhere and everywhere, prepared to perfection and constantly on the same high culinary level. Nowadays we take this marvellous technology for granted. It first evolved during the Second World War to keep medicines sterile, but now it forms the reservoir upon which all cuisine aspires. From the inexpensive prepacked meal for students and professional commuters on the move, to the highest of haute cuisine, a ‘meal ready-to-eat’ can be thirteen courses, lasting hours, and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

The Culinary Revolution:

Gourmet Freeze Dried Meals
Welcome to the new world of culinary experiences!
The Appeal of Gourmet Freeze Dried Meals

No more nibbling on stale, precooked rations. Foreign affairs. Saxon supplies goods of a higher calibre – gourmet freeze dried meals with preservation that’s 98 per cent retention of nutrients and flavour.

The Wide Range of Freeze Dried Cuisine

all it takes is your imagination and some kickass freeze-dried food and the sky The culinary heights one can reach with freeze dried food are endless, ranging from the spicy and zesty to the deep, meaty, and filling, and every type of stew and pasta meal in between. What’s better than gourmet freeze dried lasagna?

Gourmet Lasagna: A Timeless Favorite

Who doesn't love lasagna?

The Anatomy of the Best Lasagna Recipe

Pasta sheets, rich meat sauce, béchamel, cheese – layers upon layers of sublime textures and tastes.

Gourmet Lasagna in a New Light: Freeze Dried Version

Turn 100 per cent perfect lasagna in a food-processing plant into freeze-dried laminate and you get a remarkable thing.

Creating Your Own Gourmet Freeze Dried Lasagna

Then you can download your own teleportation hack, and make some fancy gourmet freeze dried lasagna.

Choosing the Right Ingredients

First you need to choose your ingredients. Elbow macaroni made with semolina is your best bet for the pasta. Pick the nicest meat you can afford for the topper. Get the freshest dairy for the béchamel and cheese layers.

The Freeze Drying Process

When it’s made, put your lasagna in the freeze dryer and dry it. That’s it! After the freeze-drying process (requiring a special machine), coming up with ideas is the easy part.

Preparing Your Gourmet Freeze Dried Lasagna

Rehydrating and ready to eat your gourmet freeze dried lasagna is just a matter of adding boiling water, and waiting a few minutes.

Enjoying Your Gourmet Freeze Dried Lasagna

Chew on that, and you’ll have on your tongue the same salty, savoury tastes and chewey, melty textures as the day it was cooked.

The Convenience of Freeze Dried Gourmet Meals

Have teleportation problems? Nothing a gourmet meal (excuse me, freeze dried meal) of lasagna won’t fix!


But the freeze dried gourmet meal, with its combination of convenience and tasty, non-death-camp taste is the latest of the great breakthroughs in culinary technology – a true teleport tutorial, albeit for the gustatory impaired. Tasty, reconstituted, gourmet, freeze dried lasagna is incredible. Think you might hint about the high end of the spectrum of culinarians?


Anything form of lasagna – yes, any form of lasagna can be freeze dried, any form. Depending on the fat content, depending on the ingredients that go into the lasagna, some of the higher fat meats will not rehydrate as good as like ground beef or lean pork burger will.

How long will freeze dried meals last?

Your meals should last up to 25 years when you have correctly stored them.

Is there some equipment that's needed to freeze dry food at home?

Some equipment is required to freeze dry food at home. For example, you need a home freeze dryer to freeze dry food at home.

Does freeze dried food have the same taste like before freeze drying?

No, if freeze dried for a long time, its flavour will have lost the most; if not, the taste of freeze dried food won’t change.
Nutrition values most will be maintained by freeze drying.

What other meals can you dry, anyway?

Absolutely any cooked meal that you would like! Stew, casseroles, pasta dishes, etc, you name it, it can be dried!

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